Welcome to my blog! 

I am Zoey and every page is dedicated to natural hair care, growing healthy long hair, living environmentally friendly and pretty hair styles. Lately I have enjoyed sharing recipes and DIY as well.

Often when I read a blog, I am very curious about the person behind the blog. I guess it is time that you get to know me a little bit more.
I love to hear from you too, in the comments or even via seeing your profile on the following options, I know you can comment as anonymous too, but it is so much nicer if I can actually address you with your name or nick name. Interaction and feedback is really important for me.
You can send me anytime a mail via the contact button on the left-hand side, especially if you have a personal question or a hairy problem with which you need help.

Read here about my starting hair length in 2010 and my journey from BSL until classic length .

1. When did you start blogging?

I think I started around 2009, I had a very personal blog which was not really about hair and hair care but more about movies, books, literature and personal experiences. I took it down because it became too private for me. I have been actively growing my hair since 2009 and I always wanted to have a place where all I learned was gathered. And I wanted to show every girl and woman out there that you can grow your hair longer than you would think - beyond your limits, if you handle it the right way. This is how my blog got it's name. Right now I am very happy to do tutorials and show self-made recipes and hair care routine here and on Pinterest.

2. Where are you from?

I am now living in Germany and I have been studying for 8 months in Barcelona , Spain and for 3 months in Toronto, Canada. It was part of my university program. I have polish, russian and turkish heritage. 

3. What are you doing besides blogging and how old are you?

I am working full time in th health acre field but taking some time off because I am about to become a first time mummy. 

4. What is your motivation behind having long hair?

I have  really always loved long beautiful hair. Since my hair-type is very coarse, thick and naturally dry, I had the hardest  time with my hair when I was a teenager. 

I would almost get comments on a daily basis how dry my hair is and recommendations from silky blonde haired girls to use a conditioner - (thank you. )  and all I did was using silicone based products which even dried my hair out more or going to the hair dresser who did not know how to handle my hair - resulting in first blow drying it and then layering it. It would look beautiful for 24 hours - the moment I washed it, it would become a curly, frizzy mob which was waving around my head and helplessly being pulled into a oh-so boring pony tail for the rest of my high school years. 

In my early 20s I found the Langhaarnetzwerk , an online community about growing long hair and maintaining it with natural hair care. I met a lot of amazing people and started to read and follow blogs. 
I noticed that having longer hair helped me with my volume and that I was just using the wrong products for my hair type.

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  1. Hi and thank you for the awesome article on my shop. It's nice to have people from 1/2 way around the world take the time to write.

  2. Huhu :)

    Wer bist du denn im LHN? Ich bin da neu und wollte dich mal suchen :)

    LG Vany


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