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Hello Lovelies!

Today's topic is about the daily hair fails that happen all the time.
I think hair fails can be pretty funny, most of the time you think oh this will just look great and once you are done : nope. That ain't pretty.

My common fail fails include:

  • Too much oil from a prewash treatment that has not rinsed out too well. Mostly it is due to a too rich conditioner. For my future self: Heavy hair treatment: Use a shampoo with strong cleaning properties and steer away from too heavy conditioners. 
  • Puffy, fluffy, too dry hair. Happens all the time. Then it is time for a good leave in like the Sheabutter cream or Aloe Gel.
  • Unclean braiding... Usually I am pretty ok with braiding nowadays. I can manage 5 strands well and it does not take too long usually. BUT you know these small accent braids? They usually go wrong with me, I can't make a good small parting to save my live. Usually I notice this after I have braided them too the end.. 

My usual hair fail is pretty funny I have to say. It is a combination of too dry fluffy hair and then too much oil. How does this happen? Hair is either oily or dry? No not with me. My hair is first too dry, too puffy because I combed out my curls, and then I over do it with the leave in and oil and yep there you go :

Oily puffy & crunchy and dry hair. Feeling like Hagrid from harry Potter quite a lot sometime. Maybe we are related. I always felt a connection to Hagrid anyways. 

If you are a curly girl you have some trouble with humidity as well.

Source: Someecards

Source: PlayBuzz

Hair: Expectation vs. Reality by Diply

Let's see what other hair fails the girls have, Melanie, Heike, Wuscheline, Andrea, Lenja and also Nessa.


  1. I usually find really cute the wild curls like Merida's ones :P
    But for me it happens quite often that when I rinse oil treatments I feel like the oil is still there. And then another wash and rinse and now the hair feels terrible dry. *sights* Too much or too few D:

  2. I've never been to Supercuts but have had bad if not worse at higher end salons. I once has my stylist I'd been seeing for close to a year shave all my hair off. True story. Didn't see another hair stylist for close to 3 years. I finally found one and was seeing her twice a week for 2 years for blowouts. She had done a bayalage in January that was amazing. Had one scheduled for September and she died my hair orange! This was a person who knew me and my hair very well since she had been the only person maintains my hair for two years, twice a week and still messed it up. I got a refund and never went back. Always speak up no matter what type of place you go to. I'm still on the hunt for a new salon because I've always had someone take care of it because I can't deal with doing it myself.
    Hair cut
    Best Regards
    sonja owen


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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