Sunny Sunday's Favourites and a simple Crown Braid

Hello Lovelies! 
I just want to share a  phone snap of a quick crown braid I wear a lot lately with you today. I am wishing everyone a blessed sunday! Sometimes life gets rough, all goes in the wrong direction, you are overwhelmed and feeling like nothing is ever going to be ok. Don't worry we all feel this way from time to time. When I feel like that I like to do things that make me instantly happy. A couple of weeks ago I just sat down and thought about what makes me happy. It is good to create a kind of vision board for yourself. You can have a look and be inspired and uplifted whenever you feel down or sad and try one or two things on your list. I know this is very personal. Be brave and think about you first and try not to put everyone before yourself.  

I created a board on Pinterest, have a look  - it is called fortune :)

And here is my list that I like to go back to on those days:

  • having breakfast
  • morning coffee
  • fresh flowers
  • painting
  • photography
  • poetry and herbal tea
  • books and cats
  • the mountains
  • the forrest
  • live music
  • family
  • traveling
  • running
  • the ocean 
  • braids
  • and baking :) 

Sunday Musings

Create your own list. These things will differ for everyone after all happiness is very unique and personal :) I found out that I like to live my life a lot simpler than I thought. I am decluttering all the things that used to weight me down in the past. This can be material things, clothes, old memories that no longer make you happy. I know it is difficult to let go but very healthy. Instead I like to create and focus on my nutrition. There is a Youtube Blog that I enjoy to much lately is is Sarah's and she has so many healthy recipes! I am currently doing my second batch of buckwheat granola  and it is so so yummy! 
Also I am working on creating a capsule wardrobe with project 333 as done by lovely Erin here. Who really wears everything that is stuffed in your closet? I know I don't so why keep on to things tat you no longer, use, like or that are too big anyway?

Coco who is a fellow blogger has inspired me on thoughts about minimalism or living light as she likes to phrase it. She is also on Youtube. Check out these channels for new mindsets and inspiration. I think we spend far too much in consuming and wanting more instead of focusing on the things that we have and that make us happy deep within. Living light will be great for everyone who is living on a very tight budget like me as well :) 


Tutorial French Pinless Bun

Hello Lovelies,

Today's Flechtwerk post is about a very secure sturdy hair do- the french or dutch pinless bun. Basically is holds on it's own by being wrapped around a hairstick without any bobby pins needed! It is easy to do but will require a lot of hair length if your hair is very thick like mine. But 'nuff said here come the instructions! I am in my work-out clothes and just came back from running my miles :o)

How to:

  1. Start by braiding your hair to a dutch or french braid.
  2. Insert the heuristic or fork vertically
  3. Wrap your hair around the base and behind the hair stick
  4. Tuck the ends under so that they hold secure. - Voila that is it! 
Very easy and sturdy in my opinion. If you like big buns it is great this bun turns out to be very huge! I am excited what the girls did with this months topic have a look at Heike,  Nessa,  Wuscheline Bobby  and  Lenja !

Do you like braided up-do's? Which one is your favourite? I have to say I prefer the regular braided but because I do like my buns to be more at the nape of my neck.


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