Review: Bodyshop Rainforest Coconut Oil vs. Pure Organic Coconut Oil

Hello Lovelies!

I have a coconut oil party going on today :D As you all know, me my hair and I simply love coconut oil. I like to use new versions that are infused from time to time. As mentioned a hundred times before, I absolutely love the Dabur Vatika Oil, it contains henna, amla and lemon extracts. Smells great and works very well as a prewash treatment.

My newest addition is the Rainforest Coconut Oil by Bodyshop. 

I had some trouble to find the incis but here they are:
Glycine Soja Oil/Glycine Soja (Sojabohnen-) Öl (Emolliens/Hautpflegemittel), Cocos Nucifera Oil/Cocos Nucifera (Kokosnuss-) Öl (Emolliens/Hautpflegemittel), Parfum/Fragrance (Duftstoff), Tocopherol (Antioxidans), Pentaclethra Macroloba Seed Oil (Hautpflegemittel, Pracaxi-), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil/Helianthus Annuus (Sonnenblumen-) Samenöl (Emolliens), Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract/Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosmarin-) Extrakt (Adstringent), Coumarin (Duftstoffkomponente), Citric Acid (pH-Regulator).

As you can see it is based on soya oil and then contains coconut oil, sunflower oil and rosmarinus extract. Technically it is not a coconut oil but an oil blend. It is a very light weight oil that sinks in immediately and it is not solid like the other two coconut oils. The smell is very nice and tropical but it is the typical artificial coconut smell and not the rather nutty natural smell of the extra virgin oil. The best part is that the shine is incredible. It does need some tome to sink into your hair so you need to be careful not to put in too much. I know that some hair types do not like coconut oil so much, this infused oil might be worth a try. I had great results regarding to shiny hair, especially when used in damp hair. Definitely a recommendation and easy to carry around and use since it is always in a liquid form.

Ways to use Coconut Oil:

  • Put lots and lots in your dry hair the night before you wash it. Let it sit overnight and work it's magic. Live your Rapunzel moment the next morning ^^
  • Use as a leave-in treatment in dry hair - just 2-3 drops are enough. Start at the ends working your way up.
  • Use as a scalp treatment with with 2 drops of essential tea tree oil - warm the mix up and apply to a non-irritated scalp and let sit for 20 min. Wash out with regular shampoo.
  • Use to define your curls and waves - Mix equal parts of organic Aloe Vera Gel and Coconut Oil and work into your damp curls.

Are you coconut oil addicted like me? Oh and btw coconut oil is a great make up remover as well :D I would like to hear some of your recipes!


Flechtwerk : Why do you have long hair?

Hello Lovelies!
Due to a high work load, I could not participate in the last blogging cooperation posts from our Flechtwerk Team! Meanwhile the girls Wuscheline, Nessa , Heike, Lenja and Bobby decided to share an open round and I will just contribute belated now. This months topic is quiet personal : The reason why I have long hair :)  It is a long story but here we go. First I want to show you some pictures of last month while I was at the ocean visiting my family and some from last autumn. My hair is beyond classic length at the moment and thank God no hair loss, breakage or any kind of trouble.

Long red hair in the woods - Autumn 2014

Spending time with Ariel - the little mermaid :D 

So well, I always loved the beauty of the woman of the past. I remember watching brave heart when I was small and then seeing Sophie Marceau's hair. Or Padme and her braids during the star-wars movie scenes of the planet tatooine. Also I do love Ariel the little mermaid and the woman from spartacus from the ancient greek mythology. I was never too big on current fashion trends - I think the girls and woman now look all the same, same hair styles, cuts, colours and I like to look different. Why be like everyone else? Very long red hair like mine does stand out, wherever you go you will receive at least 1-3 compliments on your hair length, it is just an unusual sight. 

Then my hair type - my hair is very thick, curly and coarse - very difficult to manage if it is held at a normal length like say shoulder length. It gets super frizzy and does not lie flat but rather it is a huge volume halo. Not too flattering :D The longer my hair gets, the more gets it weighted down by the length and the volume is more condensed. It is easier to manage for me.

Life depends on your positive outlook - keep smiling the rest will fall into place :)

Now comes the very personal part. I know a lot of woman did experience the same and we should all support each other and stand up for these things. Last but not least, it is a long time ago now, but I used to be in a very bad destructive abusive relationship when I was younger. My partner then always wanted me to cut my hair short. He liked short hairstyles I but I have always loved to have long hair. One time then I gave in and I did chop it off my hair from hip to chin length, I started crying at the hair dresser. A year later or so I was able to break up and since then I let my hair grow back as long as I wanted to. Long hair for me see - is also a sign of freedom and happiness and a way to hold up against oppression :) 

April 2015 beyond classic length.

Now here comes the blog party :) 

Review: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiskus - Curl & Define and Raw Sheabutter Restorative Conditioner

Hello Lovelies!

I know I know it has been ages. Apologies to you. In the meantime I did not chop off my hair, dyed it purple or got a perm. All is in it's usual glory eh mess ^^ I have been super busy but more about that at a later time point. 

Good news are : I fell in love! Yes finally! Well I did and I did so through and through with the organic US brand called Shea Moisture! I got a hair care packet from my beautiful long-haired friend Tanja  telling me that I would love that hair care line. Well, she has been right on point! I was astonished. I have always been a great lover of Aubrey Organic's Hair Care I love their effect, incis and philosophy. But I do have to say Shea Moisture is pretty amazing as well!

Originally created for very dry, curly afro-american hair it works like a charm with my dry, coarse and curly hair. If you are a curly girl definitely go for it! The products are very rich but I am not sure how well fine hair would work with them since none of my friends tried out this brand. 

About Shea Moisture:

  • organic hair care
  • no animal testing
  • great ingredients
  • easy formulas 
  • no synthetic fragrances

Coconut and Hibiskus 
Curl and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
I have used the whole series up. It gives my curls a very bouncy appearance, defines very well and it is great in moisturising. The conditioner works like a charm in detangling and the best part is: the fragrance! Smells like coconut and mango. Very tropical and very yummy! Imagine you are stepping out of a lagoon at a tropical island. The shampoo had a golden caramel colour and had strong cleaning properties. Beware I had some dandruff because it is rather concentrated. After I started using the shampoo diluted the dandruff stopped.It is a very strong shampoo but my sensitive scalp did not get any break-outs. And by the way the conditioner might be the best one I have tried with regard to curly hair! 

Raw Shea Butter 
Restorative Conditioner
Not as great in detangling like the curly series but still a very good heavy duty conditioner that moisturised very well and caused lots of shine. Again the smell is a--mazing, it smells very warm, like a cashmere, vanilla, powdery fragrance. Very seductive, pleasant and long lasting. However the consistency is pretty thick and once you reach the bottom of the bottle the distribution is not very good. Did not do so much with the curls so I think it is better with wavy or straight hair.

Shea Moisture Conditioners come with a pump which is very handy I like that a lot! The fragrances that they use are outstanding! You can order the products from their web site at around 10 $ /bottle. If however you live in europe like I do it is a pretty pricey matter - a bottle here sells for about 20/25 Euro, but the bottle are again a good size, about 325 ml. The shampoo lasted me long enough, my use of conditioner is very high so this might become an expensive affair. If you know any good sites where to buy please let me know! You can order from this website if you are located in Europe.

 That's it from me today my dear long-haired friends! I am dying to try out their other product lines like Manuka Honey and Tahitian Noni.  Have you every used Shea Moisture products? How was your experience with them?

Oh and just so that you know I still exist after all that long absence a picture of the back of my head ;p and a messy bun <3
Ficcare Topaz Diamond Lazy Wrap Bun in Red Hair


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