Empties : May

Hello Lovelies,
I have always liked Empties reviews about used up products and their final verdict. A friend just told me latey that there is not too much beauty content on my blog - so why not change it a little and start a new category. I will incorporate all beauty products not just hair products because I tend to use a product for a long time. I think you will never get a better review than one of a finished product. Please let me know if you would like to read more of these monthly posts :). 

Bionike Proxera Body Emulsion for very dry skin. (20 Euro/200ml) Fragrance free, parabene free, nickel free. I did like the body lotion because it did not give me any allergic reaction like red dots and itchiness. My skin is extremely dry and this body lotion really hydrates all your skin layers without feeling sticky. It is one of the most moisturising lotions I have used so far. It does take a little time to soak in though. It is a little pricy and finishes quickly. It had no fragrance but a slight metallic smell that did bother me though. Repurchase? Maybe.

Balea Ultra Sensitive Intensive cream for very dry skin. (5Euro/50ml) This product is as well formulated for very dry allergic skin. It is very oily and does not moisturise well. Unlike most of my beauty products I was very glad when I used up the tiny tube. It is fragrance free and very neutral. After application of the product my skin felt as if there was a film on top - I have to say I did not like the product at all. I noticed more blemishes as well. Repurchase? Definitely no. 

Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde, California Almond (3Euro/100ml) This showergel has a creamy formula and lathers up very well. It did not cause any allergic reaction and has a very slight fresh smell with a little hint of marzipan. It did not dry out my skin and was very mild. Repurchase? Yes, i already got the Organic Aloe Vera Version ! :)

White Camellia Shampoo (15Euro/11oz) Review here. I simply love the white Camelia Series. The shampoo is very rich so I like to use it when my hair feels especially dry - on the beach or during winter time. I have now switched to a lighter shampoo but I love to have a bottle around whenever I need lots of moisture in my hair. Repurchase? Yes.

GBP Conditioner (15Euro/11oz) Review here. I am still in love with the GBP Series. It is heaven for dry ends and an itchy scalp and the herbal scent is great during summer. The only downside of the series is that it is so rich in protein that you need to alternate every few washes otherwise you will have an protein overload which results in dry ends and straw-like hair. Repurchase? Yes, I think this is my 3rd bottle.

Do you have any recommendations for a good face cream for dry itchy allergy-prone skin? As you can see I am still on the hunt :( .


Flechtwerk: 4-strand Ribbon Braids

Hello Lovelies! 

Today's post is about incorporating romantic ribbons into your hair! Long before Regency Up-Do's as seen in Jane Austen movies, Ribbons habe been used as hair jewellery. They will not damage your hair and can be worn in a lot of different styles. I absolutely love to use them because I tend to wear my hair 90% of the time in a braid and even a 4, 5 strand braid can get boring if you wear it all the time. Ribbons can add a pop of a lovely colour as well as an interesting effect. The most popular braid is the 4-strand braid that you will see me wearing as well. I have lots of ribbons, in blue, emerald green, peach, lavender and gold. You will need to use twice the length of your hair and I do use them doubled as well. Learn here how to braid a 4 strand braid. Have a look at the girl's posts,  HeikeNessaBobbyWuschelineLenja

I could not get the entire me on the picture because my braid ends now near my lower hips :D . Once you have learned how to braid with 4 strands it is easy! Place the ribbon on the 2nd or 3rd place, it will replace your 4th strand. I separated my strands, you can not see it too clearly because my hair is too thick so I numbered the strands for you. Once you start to braid it will change place as 2/3 and you will see the ribbon throughout the middle of your braid. And that's it - looks fancy but is easy! 

Do you like to wear Ribbons? Which way is your favourite? Headband, braid or bow?


Toxic Thursday : Parabenes & Health Risks

Hello Lovelies!

Parabens have long been in the discussion of toxicity and being carcinogen.  A good topic for toxic thursday! A few beauty companies have picked up on that and are actually marketing their products as paraben-free. All natural and organic companies are not allowed to use parabens and their derivates. But first of all,

What are parabenes and why are they used?

Parabens are parahydroxybenzoates or esters of parahydroxybenzoic acid and a widely used preservative in cosmetics. They do prevent bacterial, microorganism and fungi growth very effectively in cosmetics and food and are very cost efficient and cheap. 

However, there are some controversial aspects.

  • Parabens mimicry estrogene, a female hormone and have thus been in the discussion of enhancing breat cancer. There is no direct link but amounts of parabens have been found in breast cancer biopsies. 
  • Estrogene-like molecules have also been linked to an early start of puberty in teenage girls
  • Allergic reactions. Just like many cosmetic agents parabens have also been linked to allergic reactions. Cases of contact dermatitis and Rosacea have been reported.
  • Sun damage. Contact with UV light might damage DNA and cause cell ageing.

Good to know!
  • Propyl and butylparaben is banned in Denmark in children's products. 
  • Do not use parabens if you are pregnant, in your sunscreen or on any products for your kids. 
  • There are alternatives! Products can be made safe with botanical alcoholic extracts most commonly found in organic cosmetics.  

Safe Companies, Paraben-free:
  • Yves Rocher! Most of their product lines are free of parabens as well as silicone free. Please check the Incis nevertheless. I am currently testing their hair care line, so stay tuned for products reviews the upcoming weeks :) And I do like their products a lot so far. Their deodorants are also aluminium free. 

What do you think about parabens? I am not completely parabene free now but slowly switching my products because I do think that I don't want parabens near my lymphatic system (thus parable free deo!) Do you know more companies that are paraben free? Leave some Info in the comments!


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Sunny Sunday's Favourites : Sand & Sun

Hello Lovelies!

It is May and here in Istanbul the weather finally started to get warm and the sky was a vibrant blue for the last couple of days! I have been very busy at work that's why my little blog was quieter but now I am hoping to pick up again on a lot of different topics :) I love to sit outside with friends and drink lemonade and just walk for hours through the city.

Favourite Quote (via Mermaidperfume)

Favourite Colours (via 9thelm.hardpin.com)

Favourite Laugh 

Favourite Heel (via polyvore Lindy)

Favourite Snack Idea (Chia Pudding by Kitchen Konfidence)


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