Flechtwerk: Heatless Curls with Flexi Rods

Heatless Curls with Flexi Rods- Hair Friendly!

Hello Lovelies!
Another post that is coming though you from our blogging cooperation Flechtwerk! Topic this week is structural change! I hope everyone is doing great! I have been busy preparing some tutorials for you in the past few weeks and now I have prepared a heatless curls tutorial that I wanted to do for a long time. I do have natural curls but with my hair now as long as over a meter and having no layers - they pretty much turn into waves or only last if I use a lot of product. Because we all have and want super long healthy hair - you ain't gonna use heat on your tresses. It is basically the worst thing you could do to your hair - grill it on a curling iron with 200 degrees? No need - I have a fabulous tutorial that involves minimal time and money and you can basically redo the curls everyday if you feel like it. And I repeat myself - don't ever use heat on your hair. Never ever. If you want long hair. If you are using heat - stop it. Now. :D 

Heatless Curls Tutorial - DIY

How to Heatless Curls

You will need:

  • dry hair, tangle free
  • 1-2 packs of Flexi Rods
  • water in a bowl or spray bottle
  • coconut oil 
  • If you need your curls for a special occasion - you might want to use lots of hair spray to keep them springy.
  1. Now it is absolutely crucial that you start with dry hair! If your hair is damp or wet the curls will not last. Really. Learn from my mistakes ^^ use some coconut oil on your hair to kill any frizz.
  2. Separate a small strand and dampen it with a tiny amount of water. Tiny. Tiny. Tinyyy. Now start rolling your hair up beginning at the ends. Roll it up straight just as shown in my picture above. Start at your crown and work your way down to the ends of your hair. 
  3. Once rolled up slightly bend the flexi rod - don't cross them or it will be very uncomfortable if you lay down - in case you are doing this overnight.
  4. Wait for at least 3 hours - you can go to sleep if you want. In the pictures I waited 4 hours I think.
  5. If needed spray with tons of hairspray. 
Oh and just an advice - try not doing that when your husband or boyfriend is home You do look hilarious and a bit like Peggy Bundy when your rods are all in - it will be a very sure romance killer. 

Long red curly hair ! My favourite look!

Tadaaa you are good to go :o)

Have a look at the girls versions,

What is your favourite Method of curling your hair?


Titanic Butterfly Hair Comb

Hello Lovelies!

I had the nicest surprise last week! If you follow me on Facebook you probably already know what I got, because I have posted about my purchase and the package there. I just got a replica of the Titanic Butterfly Comb that the character Rose wears during the movie! I ordered at StardustJewellry and they had very secure packaging, fast shipping time and the quality of the product is exceptional. The only downside is that they ship from China and I had to make a customs declaration which was a little bit of work for me but fine still :) It came in the most gorgeous packaging in a silk box in dark chestnut and orange which happen to be my favourite colours of all time!

Pretty Chinese Box! What a lovely surprise!

Titanic Butterfly Comb

And because I am so obsessed I have another close up for your :) I love how the colour is set and it has tiny swirls of pearled jade colour that I hope you can see on the picture. It is worked really well and pretty heavy to hold. The size is nice as well - it is just big enough for my bun and even half up but I have to secure it well because the topper is so heavy. 

I will take some action shots for you but because I want my hair to be curly then you will have to wait for the next wash ;o) because at the moment I have brushed my curls out. In the meantime look at Heike's pictures  and have a look at Mini's pictures too! I love Mini's blog she is very pretty and knows a lot about hair care!


Natural Hair Colour Update - Growing out Henna

Growing out ginger henna on very long hair - blog review.

Hello Lovelies,
Today a long overdue post about my natural hair colour progress. If you read my blog for a while you will know that I have been growing out my henna for about 2 years now! Older posts about this topic, and my first post oh my, still only in German. And here I have written about tipps on growing out Henna 
I absolutely love the vibrant orange red that I got with henna. I love the shininess and that is is a harmless all natural hair dye. But I do love my natural hair colour as well and have not seen it for years. I had a light blonde phase in high school and then a never ending red phase from my early twenties until now :o) 
I occasionally use a rinse out hair mousse in feuermohn when I feel I need to have red and fiery hair again. I think both hair colours suit me, maybe the red a little bit more than my golden brown tone - that why you got a portrait picture. 
My natural hair colour has gold and copper streaks in it so that does make up a lot but being a ginger is just different for me. I have to be honest I do miss the henna feeling as well. I have a colourless henna mix at home and will do a blogpost about that for you as well - gives shine without the commitment to permanent dye - yay! 

What do you think? Are you team Henna or more on the natural hair colour side? 


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