Senza Limiti - Real hair gems

Hello Lovelies!
Back when we were at beautiful real life Rapunzel Nessa a wonderful little craftship store specialised in hair jewellery visited and we had the chance to try out different hair accessories. I planned on getting one hair fork that would go with everything and ended up purchasing an additional hair stick in form of a gold rose with an amber stone which reminded me of the Beauty and the Beast somehow... The colours resemble Bellas gown and the rose had so much power throughout the movie. The third hair stick with a little crystal on top was a gift from Gundula and Guieseppe. 

Here I have some actions pics for you :)

Three hairstyles in auburn ginger hair with sense limit KPO, Rosa and the Crystal Heike

These are really easy effortless hairstyles that I like to wear day to day to stay chic and neat at work and have my mane out of my face as well :) I am curious to see what the other girls have styled their hairsticks with and especially Heike who got such a beautiful half up clip. I am unsure though if she will show it today, she might end up preparing a separate post. Andrea got the same style rose hair stick but in very different colours and Nessa has a real stone hair fork which is so stunning in her beautiful elegant huge bun.

All of Senza Limits hair jewellery comes in rose gold, gold and silver. I am such a golden girl so I picked gold of course (pun intended ^^). Their hair sticks also come in black. I picked mine to be hazel because I like them to disappear in my up-do's. They have a variety of stones, real gems and glas crystals to choose your favourite colours too.

Do you like hair jewellery or do you tend to wear your hair loose and down a lot? 

A little life update:
I know it has been awfully quiet on the blog. Lately I feel that I want to step back a bit to try spend some more time with my loved one's and still manage my exhausting job. I know that I have to change something about it but the real difficulty for me is to know what I want. After that it should be easy chasing your dreams and working towards them.. I will keep you updated!


Woven Fishtail Braids!

Woven Fishtail Braids.

This beautiful braid was done by Nessa on me. It is a very intricate and complicated braiding pattern and nearly impossible to do on my own unless I am doing a side braid :) Nessa and Heike did most of the braids on us girls, although I am so happy to say that Andrea and me did Nessa's braid :) It was quite a challenge such beautiful long and thick silky hair!

Woven fishtail braid an very long hair.

Below there is Heike's braid and mine (1st picture) adorned with flowers. I think it looks best and medium to fine hair, thick hair with curls like my hair does some problems to the pattern, making loose and bumpy in some places. I am helping with Andreas Braid putting in some flowers as well.

Woven fishtail braids in multiple colours and hair structures :)

Have a look at the other post's I am excited what picture they are going to share. All the photo credits go to Heike and Nessa by the way, they are excellent photographers and make me think about getting a professional camera as well,.. One of my project for 2016 I hope :)

Nessa's signature pose - so beautiful! 


Flechtwerk - Pretty Up - My Boho Braids

Boho Braids on long auburn red hair - easy effortless messy hair styles.

Hello Lovelies!

I often think in the morning about spicing up my everyday pony tail. If you are like me than you will mostly be in a hurry and throw your hair back in a simple high pony or easy bun. Lately I have loved to side my braids up. Coachella is nearing and I love the easy hippie, messy festival hair styles. I have textured my hair before with volume spray, aloe vera and argan oil to get a good structure and grip in my lengths. I have firstly applied volume power all over my hair, then put some aloe gel and lately oiled the ends to get nice curls in my ending ponies.
I know some of you prefer the really neat buns and braids but my hair is so stubborn even if I wanted to achieve that, it would never cooperate :D 

I am curious how Melanie, Heike, WuschelineAndrea, Lenja and Nessa have prettied up their hair do's. 

Sadly this will be our last Flechtwerk post together. Over the years we have evolved a little different and it did change a lot since we started. So I do have to say that there will be no Flechtwerk Cooperations anymore. I am sure there will be further collabs with some girls, as the long hair blogging scene is quite small :) I have a very busy and stressful schedule, I will have to see how much I can cooperate in the future. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I am wishing you a blessed week.

I have dozens of articles on my mind, just so little time. A few Khadi hair care reviews will be coming up for sure. I have been loving the Amla oil again :) I am moving this month so this is a very packed month for me and between looking through pinterest for decor inspo, painting walls and working long hair is just a nice thing in between :)

Do you have simple easy ideas to spice up everyday hairstyles?


Lange Haare, liebe Menschen und tolles Essen im Allgäu

Hallo ihr Lieben!

Mein erster Post seit langer Zeit auf Deutsch :) Am Wochenende waren wir bei Nessa im Allgäu, dem wirklichen Rapunzel. Es war wunderschön bei ihr, ganz entspannt. Wir haben viel gelacht, gegessen, geflochten und bis in die Nacht hinein gequasselt.

im Allgäu

Wieder einmal getroffen habe ich die liebe Heike mit ihrem goldblondem Feenhaar. Von Heike habe ich wahnsinnig tolle leckere und gesunde Rezepte gelernt! Heike isst glutenfrei und dabei extrem erfinderisch! Vor allem die tollen Haferbällchen haben es mir angetan <3 Schaut bei Heikes Rezeptseite vorbei, ich bin schon ganz schön munter am quer lesen! 

Nessa ist ein wahnsinnig toller Mensch, wir kennen uns schon eine Weile aus der Ferne und nun auch persönlich. Sie ist einer dieser Menschen, die man glaubt schon sehr lang zu kennen, sehr herzlich und warm. Und diese Haare. Nessa hat absolute Ausnahmehaare. Ich habe noch nie so schöne, dicke, lange, gesunde Haare gesehen. Sie hat auf Knielange kein einziges gebrochenes Haar und 5mal soviel Haar wie ein Normalsterblicher. Ein echtes Rapunzel eben ... <3 Der Name Haartraum hat es sehr gut getroffen.

With Nessa. Such a Beauty - inside and out!

Ich bin jetzt wieder so glücklich das ich richtig Lust auf die Klassische Länge habe,.. das heisst ich möchte wieder den Klassiker. Mindestens. Und vielleicht sogar mehr, eventuell Mitte Oberschenkel.
Ihr seht auf den Fotos übrigens meine Naturhaarfarbe. Die letzte Schaumtönung ist 4 Wochen her. Es ist ein relativ kräftiges mittleres Kastanienbraun. Der Rotschimmer verstärkt sich im Sonnenlicht, im Kunstlicht verschwindet er fast ganz. Ich bin froh das die letzten Hennarote weg sind, Färberei zu sein ist so erleichternd, man hat keinen Ansatz mehr und irgendwie ist man es auch mehr selbst. Es fühlt sich authentischer an und irgendwie runder. So im Gesamten. 


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