Care: How often should you shampoo?

The frequency of hair washing has a big impact on how healthy your hair is - every hair wash means stress for your hair and accumulated wrong washes can lead to brittle and dry hair that will easily break. Now here you should try to find a comfort zone - washing less and less is the best for your hair, but you also need to feel comfortable and confident with your hair. 
Feeling like a little grease ball will not help here. Trust me all done before :D The fell into a frying pan look is not a confidence booster.
How long you can go in-between washes depends on your hair and skin type as well. My skin and hair are extremely dry so if I want I can wash my hair every 10 days. If you have fine hair it will appear greasy quicker. Curly hair is very forgiving and can go long in-between washes. BTW some people actually never wash their hair. It is called No-Wash Method. 

How to start

  • First you need to figure out how often you are washing your hair. Every day? Try every second day! If you can't do that during the week try ti give your hair a rest at the weekend. Writing down when you wash can help you keep track of your progress. 
  • Try to plan important events accordingly. My hair looks absolutely horrible directly after washing it, it looks best on it's second day so I always try to wash a day before an important event. 
  • Are you washing your hair the right way? Are you rubbing your scalp? That's just asking for oil! Dilute you shampoo. Use a water can or an empty bottle and just a few drops of shampoo. You will be amazed by the amount of soap! Let the water run over your scalp and let it gently sit for 2 minutes. Harsh shampoo can strip your hair from it's natural oils completely and activate the oil production as a counter reaction.
  • Wear your hair in a pretty and hair friendly up-do when you are in between washes. Try not to pull all your hair back very tightly though - this will just show not so fresh hair. A loose side part is a better idea.
  • Use baby powder on a big make up brush and gently tap you temples , brush out directly. All oil gone :) If you are dark haired like me use cacao powder or translucent power to avoid a greyish tinge.
  • Use a cup of destilled water and 6 drops of pure lavender oil , mix in a spray bottle and refresh your volume and add a clean fragrance in between.
I hope my little ticks can help you :) As always growing hair super long is more a thing about not doing things! than anything else. I am washing my hair every 5 days, simply because I like to wash it and even if it does not get oily a fresh smell is very important for me.

How often do you shampoo? Do you wish to shampoo less or do you think washing has nothing to do with healthy hair?

Love, Zoey.


  1. Depending on the Shampoo (or CO-wash, if that counts, too) I shampoo every two to four days. For sure it has to do with healthy hair and the immediate appearance. But I'm for sure not going to follow your point two. My hair is an accessoiry, nothing that rules my world ;) has to function as I want it to ^^

  2. Normalerweise wasche ich meine Haare jeden zweiten Tag, manchmal sehen die Haare auch am dritten Tag noch ganz gut aus, manchmal schon am zweiten nicht mehr.. ich würde sehr gerne noch etwas seltener waschen, allerdings funktioniert das irgendwie nicht... hab schon alles mögliche ausprobiert, aber die Haare werden einfach zu schnell fettig und sehen dann auch so schrecklich aus (vor allem weil ich sie immer zu einem Zopf gebunden habe)! Die Umgewöhnung auf alle zwei Tage war total einfach (früher habe ich jeden Tag gewaschen), aber mehr will irgendwie nicht klappen..:/


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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