Flechtwerk- Flower Power Spring Up-Do's

Hello Lovelies!
I hope all of you are enjoying spring time and spending as much time as possible outside! I am so excited for today's post - flower power hairstyles! I love a simple braid or bun with pin in flowers. I think it is always a cute and romantic look without overdoing the bling. While taking the pictures I noticed that you can see my natural hair colour very well - I got a new camera for my birthday last week! I am still working on the manual focus sorry for the blurriness. I am excited how the girl's hairstyles will look like! My bun is a messy wrap around bun with a dutch lace braid to soften the look. Have a look at the girl's posts,  HeikeNessaBobbyWuschelineLenja. I just pinned in red poppy/bobby pins. I love the colour combination red, blue and white during summer! Reminds me of the sea and sailors somehow :) . You can get flower clips at H&M, Claire's or do them on your own, like Rachel does here on this tutorial.

dutch lace braid

flower up do
messy bun

Natural Hair Colour

And here is my natural hair colour! My own colour has  grown up to armpit length/ bra length depending on which layer you are looking. It is medium brown with lots of golden and red streaks in it! Who could have known that my own colour would be so nice! It was quite a surprise for me for sure ^^ I do miss my vibrant red henna though. But I always think that nothing is a beautiful as natural beauty. I am looking forward to go back to occasionally red tones with rinsable colourmousses. I really want to post a review about non-permanent red hair dyes which will help you also while you are growing out your colour. Hopefully in a few weeks :)
growing out henna

2 Kommentare:

  1. Wow eine sehr süße Frisur hast du gezaubert!
    Dein Augen-Make-Up ist auch sehr schön und die Naturhaarfarbe sieht toll aus. Ich bin auch immer pro NHF. Die passt zu 99% einfach am besten zum jeweiligen Menschen.

    1. Danke Lenja :) Pssst ich hab da bei lilith moon geschaut und dann blauen kajal ausprobiert,
      Ich fände das rot zwar fast hübscher bei mir vor allem ist es auch immer sehr aufgefallen, aber naja braun das bin eben doch ich auch wenn es unscheinbarer ist :) Drück dich!


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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