Flechtwerk: 4-strand Ribbon Braids

Hello Lovelies! 

Today's post is about incorporating romantic ribbons into your hair! Long before Regency Up-Do's as seen in Jane Austen movies, Ribbons habe been used as hair jewellery. They will not damage your hair and can be worn in a lot of different styles. I absolutely love to use them because I tend to wear my hair 90% of the time in a braid and even a 4, 5 strand braid can get boring if you wear it all the time. Ribbons can add a pop of a lovely colour as well as an interesting effect. The most popular braid is the 4-strand braid that you will see me wearing as well. I have lots of ribbons, in blue, emerald green, peach, lavender and gold. You will need to use twice the length of your hair and I do use them doubled as well. Learn here how to braid a 4 strand braid. Have a look at the girl's posts,  HeikeNessaBobbyWuschelineLenja

I could not get the entire me on the picture because my braid ends now near my lower hips :D . Once you have learned how to braid with 4 strands it is easy! Place the ribbon on the 2nd or 3rd place, it will replace your 4th strand. I separated my strands, you can not see it too clearly because my hair is too thick so I numbered the strands for you. Once you start to braid it will change place as 2/3 and you will see the ribbon throughout the middle of your braid. And that's it - looks fancy but is easy! 

Do you like to wear Ribbons? Which way is your favourite? Headband, braid or bow?

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  1. Du siehst echt niedlich aus auf dem Foto ;) Toller Bänderzopf! So etwas möchte ich demnächst als Hochzeitsgast machen. Das zeigt Länge, ist unaufdringlich und dennoch hübsch!


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