Woven Fishtail Braids!

Woven Fishtail Braids.

This beautiful braid was done by Nessa on me. It is a very intricate and complicated braiding pattern and nearly impossible to do on my own unless I am doing a side braid :) Nessa and Heike did most of the braids on us girls, although I am so happy to say that Andrea and me did Nessa's braid :) It was quite a challenge such beautiful long and thick silky hair!

Woven fishtail braid an very long hair.

Below there is Heike's braid and mine (1st picture) adorned with flowers. I think it looks best and medium to fine hair, thick hair with curls like my hair does some problems to the pattern, making loose and bumpy in some places. I am helping with Andreas Braid putting in some flowers as well.

Woven fishtail braids in multiple colours and hair structures :)

Have a look at the other post's I am excited what picture they are going to share. All the photo credits go to Heike and Nessa by the way, they are excellent photographers and make me think about getting a professional camera as well,.. One of my project for 2016 I hope :)

Nessa's signature pose - so beautiful! 


  1. Dear Zoey
    I love your blog posts - I read all of them :-)
    Everytime I'm impressed again by your long beautiful mermaid hair. This woven fishtail braid just suits you perfectly.

  2. Das war bestimmt sehr aufwendig gewesen.

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  4. Cuthair@wp.pl

    The hair buyer


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