The language problem.

Hello Lovelies,
I have been blogging bilingual for the last couple of months and found it really hard to keep up both language because my time is very limited. I have decided to blog in German only from now on, simply because the majority of readers are from Germany. I am really sorry because I know a lot of you are reading from the US, Czech Republic and France as well! If you really want me to continue in English please leave a comment below this post. If not I am taking it as a go ahead for German posts apart from the Flechtwerk Posts :)

I hope you had great holidays! The next post will be about hair resolutions for the new year and because I have been asked a couple of times I will post a summary of my long hair journey and show you a picture with which I started to grow my hair :)

Love, Zoey Louisa.

*Hallo ihr Lieben, ab den nächsten Posts wird es in deutsch weiter gehen :)*


  1. Also ich bin nicht unglücklich über den definitiven Wechsel zu einer Sprache. Englisch ginge auch, aber doppelt finde ich optisch unschön und vor allem unhandlich. Entweder der Text wechselt ständig hin und her oder die Sprache ist zusammen, dann sind aber oft die Bilder am falschen Ort. Deshalb von mir Daumen hoch für die Änderung!

    LG, Julia

  2. Oh, please, I like to read your blog. Don't stop to translate it in english !!!!!

  3. Awh, I enjoy reading your blog. But I guess if its a pain, I can just paste your posts in google translate. =P

  4. Please don't stop to use both language. I can read your blog in english only. Thks!!

  5. Reader from Russia here! I enjoy reading your blog, and I would be really glad if you would continue to translate your posts.


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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