Titanic Butterfly Hair Comb

Hello Lovelies!

I had the nicest surprise last week! If you follow me on Facebook you probably already know what I got, because I have posted about my purchase and the package there. I just got a replica of the Titanic Butterfly Comb that the character Rose wears during the movie! I ordered at StardustJewellry and they had very secure packaging, fast shipping time and the quality of the product is exceptional. The only downside is that they ship from China and I had to make a customs declaration which was a little bit of work for me but fine still :) It came in the most gorgeous packaging in a silk box in dark chestnut and orange which happen to be my favourite colours of all time!

Pretty Chinese Box! What a lovely surprise!

Titanic Butterfly Comb

And because I am so obsessed I have another close up for your :) I love how the colour is set and it has tiny swirls of pearled jade colour that I hope you can see on the picture. It is worked really well and pretty heavy to hold. The size is nice as well - it is just big enough for my bun and even half up but I have to secure it well because the topper is so heavy. 

I will take some action shots for you but because I want my hair to be curly then you will have to wait for the next wash ;o) because at the moment I have brushed my curls out. In the meantime look at Heike's pictures  and have a look at Mini's pictures too! I love Mini's blog she is very pretty and knows a lot about hair care!

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