Natural Hair Colour Update - Growing out Henna

Growing out ginger henna on very long hair - blog review.

Hello Lovelies,
Today a long overdue post about my natural hair colour progress. If you read my blog for a while you will know that I have been growing out my henna for about 2 years now! Older posts about this topic, and my first post oh my, still only in German. And here I have written about tipps on growing out Henna 
I absolutely love the vibrant orange red that I got with henna. I love the shininess and that is is a harmless all natural hair dye. But I do love my natural hair colour as well and have not seen it for years. I had a light blonde phase in high school and then a never ending red phase from my early twenties until now :o) 
I occasionally use a rinse out hair mousse in feuermohn when I feel I need to have red and fiery hair again. I think both hair colours suit me, maybe the red a little bit more than my golden brown tone - that why you got a portrait picture. 
My natural hair colour has gold and copper streaks in it so that does make up a lot but being a ginger is just different for me. I have to be honest I do miss the henna feeling as well. I have a colourless henna mix at home and will do a blogpost about that for you as well - gives shine without the commitment to permanent dye - yay! 

What do you think? Are you team Henna or more on the natural hair colour side? 


  1. I like both. I have the same problem with my hair ; I like my natural hair color but I like the texture henna gives to my hair !

    1. I can totally understand you Juliette - henna gives so much shine and volume! But I love your blonde hair! love, zoey

  2. I recently started to henna because I needed some change (after 12 years of virgin hair) and wanted to experience the henna feeling. I really like the results and the whole ritual. If I ever get bored (probably will eventually), it's not going to be pretty because my natural hair color is blonde. Oh well, I try not to think about it! :)

  3. Hello Marlena, I am sure you love the henna process and colour - I think it is amazing ^^ And relaxing and all natural. I really miss the muddy relieving experience but planning to do a blogpost about colourless henna soon :o) In case you ever want to be blonde again you can try to gruffly lighten your henna mix with cassia until you are more and more strawberry blonde. love, zoey


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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