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Hello Lovelies!
Due to a high work load, I could not participate in the last blogging cooperation posts from our Flechtwerk Team! Meanwhile the girls Wuscheline, Nessa , Heike, Lenja and Bobby decided to share an open round and I will just contribute belated now. This months topic is quiet personal : The reason why I have long hair :)  It is a long story but here we go. First I want to show you some pictures of last month while I was at the ocean visiting my family and some from last autumn. My hair is beyond classic length at the moment and thank God no hair loss, breakage or any kind of trouble.

Long red hair in the woods - Autumn 2014

Spending time with Ariel - the little mermaid :D 

So well, I always loved the beauty of the woman of the past. I remember watching brave heart when I was small and then seeing Sophie Marceau's hair. Or Padme and her braids during the star-wars movie scenes of the planet tatooine. Also I do love Ariel the little mermaid and the woman from spartacus from the ancient greek mythology. I was never too big on current fashion trends - I think the girls and woman now look all the same, same hair styles, cuts, colours and I like to look different. Why be like everyone else? Very long red hair like mine does stand out, wherever you go you will receive at least 1-3 compliments on your hair length, it is just an unusual sight. 

Then my hair type - my hair is very thick, curly and coarse - very difficult to manage if it is held at a normal length like say shoulder length. It gets super frizzy and does not lie flat but rather it is a huge volume halo. Not too flattering :D The longer my hair gets, the more gets it weighted down by the length and the volume is more condensed. It is easier to manage for me.

Life depends on your positive outlook - keep smiling the rest will fall into place :)

Now comes the very personal part. I know a lot of woman did experience the same and we should all support each other and stand up for these things. Last but not least, it is a long time ago now, but I used to be in a very bad destructive abusive relationship when I was younger. My partner then always wanted me to cut my hair short. He liked short hairstyles I but I have always loved to have long hair. One time then I gave in and I did chop it off my hair from hip to chin length, I started crying at the hair dresser. A year later or so I was able to break up and since then I let my hair grow back as long as I wanted to. Long hair for me see - is also a sign of freedom and happiness and a way to hold up against oppression :) 

April 2015 beyond classic length.

Now here comes the blog party :) 

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  1. Wow ich wusste gar nicht, dass du dir mal wegen einem Kerl die Haare gekürzt hast. Du bist sicher auch mit kurzen Haare wunderhübsch, aber ich liebe deine tolle, lange Mähne :) Sie ist einfach einmalig!!


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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