Current Length - April

Hello Lovelies,

Just a quick hair length update - I am currently at 98 cm and very happy with my layers. This length I think is my favourite. I am quite petite just 1,63 cm and too much hair makes me even shorter and smaller :D 

More layers...?
I am even thinking about adding more layers in? I don't know yet I will have to see when I can get an appointment with my hairdresser. She has cut my hair since I am 12 and I never trusted anyone else since, she is a real miracle and a very lovely lady. Do you have a favourite hair dresser as well? As the long hair ladies know finding a good one is really difficult and once you have one they are a real gem. I have heard so much about cutting too much - just a nightmare. Why would anyone intentionally cut your long hair too short? I will never understand this. 

Gym Hair Problems
My hair has been again a little on the dry side lately. I am working out a lot in the gym - the downside is that I wash my hair too often now. I usually wash it once a week but I am now up to every second day.. Do you have a solution for this? I think I need to pamper it with some almond oil treatments a lot more. I would love to hear how you deal with sweaty gym hair ^^


  1. I might have a solution for dry hair after shampooing them too often.
    1. try to make a very loose braid on the top of your head and wash your scalp with shampoo while holding the braid above your head. You'll wash your scalp and won't dry your hair with detergents.
    2. Try to wash your hair and scalp with a conditioner which contains detergents. If you are allowed to buy Kallos hair masks, they will be the best. I recommend Kallos Aloe, Kallos Blueberry or Kallos Algae. Massage your scalp witch a conditioner twice and then rinse it off.
    3. The best moisturizer for hair is linseed gel! Boil one glass of water with two tbs of linseeds for 15 minutes, separate the seeds from the gel, allow the gel to cool and then apply on your hair and scalp for 40 minutes. For better results apply your favorite oil on your hair covered with lineseedgel. Then wash your hair a hour after.

    Sorry for my english, I was typing it very fast, but I hope it will help you. I use these tricks every week, because I have to wash my hair every second day. Try it and let me know if it worked! :*

  2. Looks wonderful. The color, condition, and length. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! ♥

  3. Hi there,

    The layers are beautiful indeed.

    Strangely enough, sports do not make my hair dirty. I usually have the impression that sport sweat is mainly just water, without all the bacteriae that usually make it smelly and sticky. So, I just tie my hair up so that the roots are not stuck to my skin, and I keep it that way until it dries up. Exercise four to six times a week has not changed my washing schedule so far (once a week).

    But I know a lot of people have the same problem as you with this, and I hope there will be more testimonies in the comments....

  4. You could maybe try to not wash your hair when you go to the gym and wash it in the next day, that's what I do. Or you could co-wash. Or just rinse your hair with water when you shower and then condition. If you are Mord worried about the smell then the oil you could use a soothing and refreshing scalp spray (just mix water with a few drops of essential oils, I use tea tree and peppermint). I use it almost every day and have noticed that when I sweat my scalp starts to smell like it.


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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