Flechtwerk: Ice and Snow

Little sparkling hair stick!

Pearl and Snowflake Earrings. Have been a favourite this whole winter.
I think snowflakes have such delicacy to them - very lovely and simple.

Simple Cinnamon Bun with Snow Queen Shelot.
Hello Lovelies,
Todays topic is Hair in Snow and Ice! Since I have not seen one single snowflake this winter it was really hard for me! But I remembered that I had a Snow-Queen Shelot which is a hair accessory that can hold a cinnamon bun and I decided that picture with this beauty will do justice to our topic :D 
It is made by Ravenslair - she is very talented and a great artist. Most of her pieces are inspired by fantasy, fairytales and magic. Very well made and she does custom orders as well. Go have a look at her Etsy-Shop, she is currently on vacation though. 

As for winter hair care, I have been following the Liquid/Oil/Cream Method lately. I am sure most of you have heard about it - it is a way to seal moisture and oil in your hair. First you apply your favourite liquid - can be aloe vera water or a hydrosole, then your favourite oil and then a light hair cream. Stay tuned for an entire blogpost on the topic :) I wish we had more snow. I remember my days in Canada when the temperature dropped below -20 and even breathing was hard and pinched like a thousand little icicles. Do you like the colder seasons? I am actually excited for spring and summer, when the days get longer and are lighter. 

We have an addition to our Flechtwerk Group! It is the lovely and beautiful Andrea from www.echtandrea.de I am super happy that she joined us! We met sometime ago and I am amazed how much her hair has grown. She has a beautiful blog and a very lovely instagrampage as well.

Meet and Greet Andrea from www.echtandrea.de

I am curious about Melanies idea, Heike's, Wuscheline's, Lenja's and also Nessa's Ice and Snow Hair!

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  1. I think you would love our hair accessory collection The Butterfly Effect, made with REAL butterflies, for spring and summer!

    See here: http://capelio.ca/en/bridal-hair-accessories/be-part-of-the-butterfly-effect/

    Tell us what you think!


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