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Skin Type:
My skin is very sensitive and extremely dry. I get red spots easily and itchy dry skin patches on my forehead and on my cheeks. I am sorry the picture is so out of focus I am having trouble with fading light and artificial lighting! I am allergic to most drugstore products, equally to the natural organic lines. Organic skin care is a problem for me as well because of the fragrances and high amount of alcohol that is used as preservative agents. 
Just for your visual help - when I am saying allergic skin I mean a horrible red version. This is my skin after I tried a different toner than my Avene Toner last week. My skin gets hot/itchy, swells a little and turns tomato red :( This pretty much happens anytime I try a new product - that's why I am very cautious in trying new brands.

My products are mostly from my local pharmacy and have been working well for me. I wish my products were more "clean" in an organic sense but so far I have not found an organic line that is mild enough for me and affordable at the same time. 

Products used

1. Avene Mousse Nettoyante Cleanser
2. Avene Lotion Douceur Toner
3. Skinceuticals Serum
4. Khadi Rose Face Oil
5. Balea Med Skin Cream
6. Lavera Intensive Eye Cream

Other brands I have used previously is the Toleriane Series by La-Roche-Posay but I had problems with the metallic smell of the products which I found unpleasant. It is a great line for sensitive skin and I can definitely recommend it. Whenever you look for skin care try to look for something that says without preservatives, artificial colour and fragrance. Ask for a smaller sample size at your pharmacy so you can try it first before you make a big purchase. Always keep the recipes so you can ask for a refund if you are allergic. 

The Balea Skin Cream is quite new, I have been previously used up a few bottles of Avene Riche cream for sensitive skin so I am not too sure about the Balea cream yet but I can definitely recommend the Riche Version of my standard Avene cream. I am trying to find more budget friendly alternatives because most of my products are very expensive

If your skin is not as dry as my skin you can skip the serum and face-oil. The rose oil smells heavenly and is great for your hair as well :) Stay tuned for a review. I am a big fan of anything that smells like real roses and so glad that Khadi fragrances don't cause allergic reactions for me.

Do you have problematic skin as well? I would be so happy if any of you had suggestions for affordable and good skin care products? 
Love, Zoey :)

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  1. Hallo Zoey!
    Das Problem sehr trockener und empfindlicher Haut habe ich auch. Ich kann nachvollziehen, dass die Suche nach guten Produkten sich recht schwer gestaltet. Mit der Sensitive-Serie von Rossmann ist man, wie bestimmt auch die von DM, auf der sicheren Seite was Unverträglichkeit angeht, nur musste ich leider feststellen, dass diese Serie zu wenig pflegt, da ich nach kurzer Zeit wieder schuppenartige Trockenstellen im Gesich hatte :/
    Momentan fahre ich gut mit der Calming Skin Therapy Serie von AO, wobei hier zu sagen ist, dass hierbei natürliche ätherische Öle verwendet wurden. (Meine Haut stört sich bei AO nicht daran, ein Wunder!)
    Was aber noch ganz interessant klingt und auf meiner Probierliste steht, ist die Sensitive-Reihe von i+m FREISTIL, ohne Parfüm und ätherische Öle für zu Allergie neigende Haut.

    In diesem Sinne
    Liebe Grüße


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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