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Hello Lovelies, 
Today's Flechtwerk topic is funny long hair stories ! As soon as your hair is a little longer than the average post shoulder length you will hear funny, nice and sometimes weird comments. I have a few day to day comments for you - I usually get these as soon as I wear my hair down. I alss wrote a blogpost some time ago about a similiar topic here.

1. Cuties
Little girls around the age of 5 staring at me in the underground. The cutest comment was : "You have princess hair! "This one was so adorable! The lottle girls had fine blond hair and wearing pink from head to toe.

2. Daily 
The number one question; "How long did it take to grow your hair?"
It took me about three years from BSL to classic length with monthly trimms. Girls always look amazed and tell me  that they are growing their ( bleached, blow dried, straightend) hair for 5 years and nothing happens. Thanks to coconut oil, henna and natural hair care!

3. Funny 
Some comments are just a little silly. E.g. "How long does it take to do a braid ? Do you do your braid every day?" Ehm yes 5 seconds and yes ^^. And then : "Your hair is really long ! " well it is really long . I just nod and smile to this one. It is like saying you are really thin/ fat/ grey/ blond/ black/tall. Not very nice and not very mean - just a little awkward moments while you nod. What do you do when you get these comments?

Funny moustache photo just for you ^^
Check out the girls stories in the links below ! Now I am very cutrious about your stories :)  ?
Love, Zoey :)

3 Kommentare:

  1. Very funny stories and the first one is very cute! Unfortunately, my hair is not yet enough long to deserve this kind of comments! One day, maybe... :-)

  2. Hallo Zoey!
    Seit nunmehr 3 Jahren benutze ich ausschließlich Naturkosmetik zur Haar- und Hautpflege und seit gut zwei Jahren versuche ich, meine Haare konkret wachsen zu lassen (nachdem ich vor zweieinhalb Jahren einen grauenhaft missglückten Haarschnitt bekam, der meine fast taillenlangen Haare zur Schulterlänge kürzte - "Nur 5 cm abschneiden, bitte!"). Ich verwende oft Natron zur Haarwäsche, mache regelmäßig Ölkuren und auch die LOC-Methode. Dennoch habe ich seit einem Jahr extrem mit meiner plötzlich empfindlichen Kopfhaut zu kämpfen, habe starken Spliss und meine Haare fallen aus wie blöd. Ich hab sie nie gefärbt und auch vor dem Umstieg auf NK nie Hitze verwendet - meine Haare waren gesund, jetzt sind sie brüchig, wachsen kaum nach und trotz haarschonender Pflege und nachsichtigem Umgang scheinen sie nicht wachsen zu wollen.
    Ich weiß nicht mehr, was ich tun soll. Gibt es eine Art SOS-Routine, die ich beginnen kann? Meine natürliche Pflege, ein Waschrhythmus von ca. 4 Tagen (habe sehr feines Haar) und das Ölen gefallen meinen Haaren zwar, denn sie fühlen sich besser an als früher, aber sie sehen schrecklich aus und mein Haarumfang ist auch geschrumpft. Bluttests sagen, meine Werte lägen überall in der Norm.
    Vielleicht weißt du ja was.
    Danke im Voraus und allgemein vielen Dank für deinen Blog! Ich lese ihn wahnsinnig gern, und du hast stets viele nützliche Infos für Leute wie mich :)

  3. I've had SO many funny stories, and one was involving a little girl---I'd say she was 3---I was in a store with a friend, and my hair was loose as it was spring and we were on our way to the barn, but it was chilly so I'd kept my hair loose for the drive. I knew the little girl was curious about me as she was peaking at me from her mom's side. In the line, I remember hearing her ask her mother 'whose hair is this?" and then, I felt an innocent tug,, and her mother whispering sharpely 'don't touch!" hahahahah. My friend and I just smiled---I work with kids, so I understand they learn by touching. And kids are so pure--it just made me laugh. I too, have had the 'you have princess hair ' comment.

    Another rather shocking comment that made me laugh was I was at a hair dresser--not my usual one as she was on maternaity leave. It was one of those chain salons, but it was open late and I just needed a quarter an inch trimmed off the ends and my bangs (Fringe ) trimmed. I always have my hair in an english braid coming from the barn, and I start my braid higher up, so it eats a lot of length. I undid the braid, and the girl who was there to trim my hair must have been knew, because she was shocked at how much/long my hair was. She was saying 'wow, that braid was miss leading' and as she ran her fingers through it to remove the braid waves, she then said 'is it real?" HAHAHAH. A hair dresser that can't tell if it's real? I joked and said 'why yes, I grow it myself'. Hahahahaha.


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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