Empties: June

Hello Lovelies! 
It is already June and finally we all can enjoy a real summer without too much rain and lots of sunshine! I can't believe how many products I have used up this month, I hope I will have some products for July because all my skin and hair care products just finished at the same time :o) . Here we go. I know it's a lot :) I just might be a little obsessed with beauty products. Oh my :p

Empties June - Avene Mousse Nettoyante, La Roche-Posay Micellar Solution, Lavera Lavender Shower Gel, Khadi Amla Hair Oil, Giovanni 2chic Avocado Conditioner, Alterra Feuchtigkeitsshampoo, Yves Rocher Natuerelle, Nivea Make-Up Remover Wipes

Giovanni 2chic Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Conditioner (325ml/12 Euro) I really liked this conditioner. I will have a review up on this one as well. It contains avocado and olive oils as well as aloe vera juice which is always great. The consistency was very thick but I still needed a lot of conditioner. On a care level I would say it is in the medium range, it would be a good conditioner for fine to normal hair that needs a little body against fly-aways. Repurchase? Yes.

Alterra - Feuchtigkeits-Shampoo Granatapfel & Aloe Vera(200ml/2 Euro) The Alterra Moisture Pomegrate and Aloe Vera series is a really good line that works well for multiple hair types from very coarse and dry like my hair to fine and straight hair like my friend Lenja's. I have used up multiple bottles of both conditioner and shampoo and they always work well. It has a sweet fresh smell that can be a little annoying over time but has the best combination of drugstore friendly price - ingredients and effect in my opinion. A great series for newbies regarding organic hair care. Repurchase? Yes.

La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB Cream in light (40ml/15Euro) Like I said in my previous empties post I do like la roche-posay which is a french pharmacy brand because their products all work on my hypo-allergenic skin. The brand is not organic and the incis are not the best but until I find a reasonable proved organic brand I do think I will stick with it. The baby cream has a SPF of 20, gives you a slight lovely glow and is great on dry skin. Fragrance free and no itchiness or redness and no break-outs. Repurchase? Yes.

Khadi Herbal Hair Oil Amla (210ml/14Euro) I simply love Khadi Oils. I think they are among the best quality oils that you can use for your body and hair and I loved every single drop of this oil. I also used it on my scalp, normally I only use my hair oils on lengths and ends, but this one contains Amla exctract and was also beneficial against hair loss. Full review here. My next oil is the rose oil and I am excited to start using that one :) . Repurchase? Definitely

Yves Rocher- Naturelle Perfume (75ml /20Euro) I even finished my perfume this month ^^ . I am a big fan of fresh flowery fragrances and I love D&G light blue perfume. Yves Rochers is a very good dupe and for a fraction of the price. It smells like cedar trees, lemon and jasmine. My new perfume was a gift from my mum and is very different from what I would normally use and buy but I love the smell - it was such a surprise! My new perfume is Chanel Allure Sensuelle which contains jasmine, rose, iris, candied fruits and vetiver with vanilla and patchouli as a base note. I always use only one perfume at a time. Repurchase? Maybe once I was light blue back

Avene - mattierender Reinigungsschaum (150ml/15Euro) I think this one is Europe exclusive? No allergic reaction, it did a good job getting make-up of and has a very nice system with a little pump that automatically foams the cleanser. It did dry my skin out though. Repurchase? No, I need something that is better for my extremely dry skin.

La-Roche Posay - physiological micellar solution (200ml/15Euro) Micellar Solutions are basically cleansing waters that can clean your skin, remove make up and be a toner at the same time. I love the idea of this product and this cleanser was amazing in removing eye-make up and purifying the skin. It did not burn a little bit and had a good effect on my skin as well. I really loved this product! Similar ones are the Bioderma water and nano solution from Avene. Repurchase? Yes.

Lavera - Organic Lavender Showergel (150 ml/4Euro) It is a lovely shower gel that lathers up well, foams nicely and leaves the skin hydrated and fresh. I love lavender so the smell here was definitely a plus. Repurchase? Yes.

Nivea - Make-Up Remover Singles for sensitive Skin. (4Euro) These were terrible. They burned while using them, dried out fast and had too much perfume. I used them later as little wet towels for my hands. I wish there would be good product as face wipes because I love the idea! I have tried Alterra's and Alverdes's but they gave me itchiness - I guess because of the fragrance. Has anyone a good recommendation? Repurchase? No.

Do you know any of the products I have used up? How was your experience? Am I the only one who finishes everything at the same time ^^ ?

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