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Hello Lovelies!

Someone asked me about my natural hair structure and type of curls. I don't think I have a detailed post about my curls so here we go :) Actually my typ of curls and hair structure are the nr one reason why my hair is so long. My hair is extremely thick, coarse and curly and when you combine this hair structure with a modern layered hairstyle without straightening your hair - you will look like your own grandma or just let's say it a little cuter like a little frizz ball with hair halo around my head. The shorter my hair is the curlier it gets - the longer the easier to manage because my thick curls will turn into waves and the weight of my hair will eventually listen to gravity and just go down. My hair is at classic length now and I don't have any layers - the ends still curl just like that. 

I have to say I am now very happy about my hair type because if I want I can just comb my hair when it is slightly wet and I will have straight to wavy hair. If I want curls I will just put massive amounts of aloe vera gel and coconut oil into it and my hair will stay curly. Curly hair is really in need of moisture!

Maintain happy curls
The reason my hair curls at the end of 109 cm is because my hair is very healthy and the ends aways have hair oil in. On the picture I have used my favourite hair serum from ilikegreen. But any good hair oil will work if you have curly hair. And my hair oil secret is very simple : I oil the ends of my hair while they are still soaking wet after the shower. They will dry much slower but lock in all the moisture that they need.

If you want to read more about curly hair care you can visit Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl website.

Do you have any trick on how to keep your locks hydrated?


  1. I love your hair ! I have baby fine hair and it is very difficult to keep my locks hydrated because if I use too much product, they become sticky, even with aloe vera. I wash my hair with conditioner Desert Essence and then, I use jojoba oil and it is perfect !

    1. Hello Juliette! Same for me I love your hair <3 I think I can never put too much aloe vera in y hair, but I do can overdose oil ^^ I have not used jojoba oil in a long time, but I really liked it, maybe I should again get a new bottle. Which of desert essence conditioners do you use? I have used their raspberry shampoo in the past but none of their conditioner. love zoey :*


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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