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Hello Lovelies! 
I hope you are all enjoying the sunlight and having a wonderful Summer. I have been swimming for the last couple of days and really enjoyed the amazing weather :) I have to apologize, I am having trouble with my Laptop so this post is coming to you through my Blogger App and I can't link my recipes yet and not load all the pics I want. Bear with me I will fix that problem soon. 

Back to our topic! 
I am a big fan of Leave In's! I really always and forever have some kind of hair oil or hair cream in my ends and lengths. It protects your ends from split ends and nourishes between washes. My hair is naturally extremely dry and I do benefit a lot from Leave In Treatments ! Here my braid with a happy cat on the beach, the picture is just a phone pic but it is just too cute. Don't know why some people don't like cats! Currently there is lots of Alverde Hair Oil in my braid :D I know it does take some effort to use a leave in on a daily basis - but don't let me come over here - you do want super long and healthy hair right? So be good and just do it. 

Alverde Hair Oil
Since I am really big on leave in's there are lots of recipes already on my blog!

  • Sheabutter Hair Balm - my favourite during Winter time ❄️
  • Rosewater-leave in , lovely scent and refreshens curls!
  • Coc-aloe (50%aloe vera juice & coconut oil) extra moisture! Great for hairstyling and my go to in the morning - Post should be coming soon as well.
  • Hair oil ( I do love my Serum the most I have to say. I do admit that it is very expensive so why don't you check out - Argan Oil as well ? My hair just soaks it right up! Then pure coconut or infused oil and almond oil) 

Long red hair & ginger cat :)

Leave In Routine 
I wash my hair every 5-7 days and add a Leave In twice a day! Every morning I usually use some coc-aloe after I comb my hair and then braid or bun it. Every night as Part of my nighttime routine I use a heavier hair oil on dry hair, I use a small tablespoon and start at my ends working up to my shoulders. Then I braid my hair and by the next morning - voila ! Oil is soaked up and my hair is nourished and shiny! By the end of the week at wash day my hair is pretty full of Leave in! That's why I use plain high quality organic oil - you don't want Patene Chemicals or Silicone based hair oil build up for a week in your hair! 

When it does not work for you..
What can I do if I do look like a little grease ball after a Leave In?

  • First of all you might be doing what we all did once we discovered hair care and the magic of oils! Quantity is not always everything you might be over doing it. My hair is coarse up to my tighs and curly so I do use a tablespoon of hair oil but for normal haired gals a few drops are enough! It is about doing it regularly - not over doing it. Then happened to me too we all ended up as a little grease ball from time to time. Just braid it and no one will see your oil party.
  • You might not find the right oil yet. Not every hair likes coconut oil. Some girls hair react with crunchiness! You need to try a few different oils. Look at my article about the top 5 best hair oils for some inspiration! Link is here. 
  • Your hair might want a different consistency. Try Aloe Vera Gel, Pure Sheabutter or Cocoabutter. 

I hope my little tips helped you a little, See the girls post under these links, I am so excited because our hair types could not have been more different! Our next topic will be multi braids! Yay! I wear braids 90% of the time so I am really glad to mix things up a little.

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  1. Hi Zoey :)
    First of all i want to let you know that your page is just great !! I totally love it.
    I was wondering if you could tell me how exactly you make your coc-aloe leave in. Do you use aloe vera juice or gel ? Do you just mix the coconut oil and the aloe vera together ?
    I would be very happy if you could help me :)


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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