Flechtwerk: Multibraids

Multibraids - Fishtail Braid - Accent 3x3 braid 

Hello Lovelies,
Today's post is about simple or not so simple multi braids. I love to combine different braiding techniques - my favourite at the moment are fishtail braids. I think it it looks always romantic, sweet with a little boho vibe. If you want you can fluff up your fishtail braid to add more volume. In today's hair do I just incorporated one accent braid into two regular three strand braids at the nape of my neck that I then combines to a three strand braid. Sounds fancy but is very easy :o) 

How to:

  • Braid a fishtail braid beginning at your forehead
  • Braid two regular english braids at the nape of your neck
  • Combine all three into one braid

I am excited about the other Flechtwerk-Girl's Ideas, check out Heike, Nessa,  Bobby , Wuscheline and Lenja :) And because I had the nicest sunset yesterday - ducks in a pond for you as well. For more braiding inspiration you can check out my pinterest hair board if you like.

Sunset Pond with ducks

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