Care: Review Yves Rocher I love my Planet Radiance Shampoo

Review - Yves Rocher I love my planet Shampoo

Yves Rocher's shampoo  (5Euros/300ml) is ecolabeled, biodegradable and has minimal ingredients for shiny and really clean hair. This shampoo will deep clean your hair and not weight it down. It foams and cleans very well and leaves your hair full of volume. I have been using this shampoo for a month now and use it very diluted. It leaves my scalp happy and non-itchy. It says for all hair types and I can really agree!

AquaSodium Laureth Sulfate,Cocamidopropyl BetaineGlycerinPEG-7 Glyceryl CocoateSodium ChlorideSodium BenzoateCitric AcidParfumHydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium ChlorideSalicylic acid, Citrus (Medica Limonum Juice),Tocopherol

It is really plain if you look at the incis. Washing power comes from sodium laureth sulcate and betaine, it contains glycerine for more manageability and that's about it already. There is no oil of aloe vera in it. It will be a good shampoo for fine hair as well although I was surprised that my hair was not dried out too much as well.

It smells like lemons. I think this is a great shampoo during summer because you really feel refreshed after the shower.

The good price, simple ingredients and lovely fragrance get a 8/10! It might be not enough moisture if used over a long time but until now it has worked very well for me. It works well as a clarifying shampoo - something you need to use to get all that sheabutter out of your hair or your coconut oil hair mask. It has a minimum of care incis and I would use it about once every 2-3 weeks ( I wash my hair on a weekly basis).
 Yves Rocher claims that for every sold shampoo they will plant a tree, Yves Rocher has an own environmental organisation, more infos can be found here. They did plant 35 million trees already if you look at their website ticker. I think it is good that Yves Rocher has a nature bound philosophy!

Did you use any Yves Rocher prodcuts lately? What do you think about their philosophy and incis? I find that they sometimes contradict a little if you look closely at some of their product ranges.


  1. Yves Rocher is so nostalgic to me! My mom used to use YR products and so did I especially when I was a teenager. I actually haven't used their hair products (except the hair repair oil which was nice) but I think their face and body care products are just fine for their price. They had nice perfumes too in the 90s and absolutely everyone had them! :) I think I have to order something from YR for old times' sake...

    1. Hello hun, Yes I know what you mean :D my last perfume was from YR by the way, it is called naturelle and smells exactly like d&g light blue which is one of my favourite smells of all time. I remember when my mum got a catalogue and we used to buy from there and there would be lots of goodies ^^ The brand has definitely evolved and I would buy more of their products but I recently had a outbreak of atopic skin after a fragranced body wash so I am back to perfume free for a while now :?
      love, Zoey

  2. Ich mag YR gar nicht. Meiner Meinung nach machen die Greenwashing und die Preise sind total überteuert. Selbst mit den tausenden Angeboten, die sie immer haben....
    Die Produkte selbst können ja wirken, wie sie wollen, aber mir sagt leider die gesamte Vermarktung und Co nicht zu. YR hat auch einige wenige NK Produkte, die ich ganz nett finde, aber ich mag die Firma nicht unterstützen. :(

  3. Hallo Herzchen! Ja ich weiss was du meinst, ich kann ihnen die Philosophie auch nicht immer abkaufen , aber die Produkte sind teilweise wirklich gut :) teuer finde ich sie nicht so sehr - klar teurer als Alverde aber eher Mittelmäßig finde ich. lg :*

  4. Nice!! For some reason I thought Yves Rocher was expensive, but it's not! I'm looking for a natural shampoo, this will probably be my next choice. :) Thank you, Zoey! Oh, and have you ever tried the shampoo and conditioner by "European Formula"?

    1. Hello darling, actually I have not tried european formula. Are they an organic brand ? Yves Rocher is certainly not expensive! Just be careful that it does not dry your hair out because it is a very strong shampoo - or just don't forget to put some coconut oil into your hair before you wash it <3 love, zoey

    2. Sadly no, European Formula isn't organic, or even natural :( I bought it because it was the only cheap shampoo with less ingredients and no silicone/alcohol in it available. I will look into Yves Rocher's shampoos, thanks for the tips!

      In all sisterly love,

    3. Hello Noemie, I think if it is alcohol and silicone free it is a really good start. You can add good ingredients to your shampoo and transform it to a more hydrating product. Add a few drops of your favourite hair oil to your shampoo e.g. You can add oil, sheabutter, aloe vera gel and honey to your conditioner as well. You need to be careful with vex Rocher shampoos because not all their products are silicone free - check the incis before you buy them. If you have access to a whole food store I really can recommend Aubrey Organics! Their hair care line is the best I have used so far for sure. love, Zoey


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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