Custom Order - Golden Flexi Jade Rose

Hello Lovelies!
There have not been many posts about hair jewellery lately, I know. Actually I am on a very tight student budget at the moment so I have not gotten many new pieces. One of my only pieces for a very long time was a golden Flexi in Mega. Flexis in Mega don't come in many styles and especially not in golden colours since they are not very popular. I prefer copper and gold although I do have a celtic knot flexi in pure silver and the tree of life flexi that comes in silver as well. So long story short - you can mix and match different pearls and centrepieces as you want and just write an e-mail to their custom service on www.flexi8.com. They are very helpful and friendly and you just need to pay a little custom fee for your wishes. I love the colour green so I choose the jade hearts with tigereye stones which is another favourite stone of mine with the little golden rose in the center. I think it turned out very pretty and I have been wearing my mega flexis a lot simply because they are pretty and very durable. Sometimes you need to pay custom fees, but only above a certain amount that i did stay under. They ship from the US and I have never waited more than 2 weeks  luckily. 

Do you like the Flexi hairstyles or do you prefer chop sticks? 
I would love to hear about your custom orders as well!


  1. Oooh, your custom idea is great! I love the hearts matched with gold! I feel like adding a few gold-based flexis to my wish list ;-)
    I own several flexi8 clips and they're my favourite hair jewellery. I have to save up for them but it's absolutely worth it! And I have a few.customs too. I always make such a mess with my orders... :-D But the guys there always know what I mean. And the day when I discovered that I can also buy Lilla Rose designs even if I live in Europe was such a happy day!

  2. Hello Henrietta,
    yes you should definitely add gold pieces ^^ I love green, gold and hearts so this was the perfect combo for me :o) I agree that they are worth it - they are so durable and come in so many styles as well! I have ordered from lila rose 2 times and it was always easy. Now they added international shipping on their website so you can shop there directly. love zoey

  3. Hallo liebe Zoey!
    Jetzt musste ich sehr lachen. Habe gerade mein CO-Post online gestellt und wollte meine Blogliste durchgucken - da sehe ich deine CO :D Lustig!
    Deine Flexi finde ich umwerfend schön. Ich bin mit Blau immer sehr vorsichtig und unsicher ob das zu Gold passt. Vor allem so ein zartes hellblau - aber die Kombination sieht umwerfend aus!

    1. Huhu Herzchen, ja das ist wirklich lustig :D Ich geh gleich mal bei dir schauen ^^ Das ist übrigens hellgrün kein blau <3 aber wirklich sehr helles jade grün. lg!

    2. Stimmt wieso schreibe ich Blau, wenn ich sogar Jade im Kopf hatte?! Bin heute auch schon bekloppt. Ich schiebe es auf meine Erkältung ;) Egal wie ich sie fälschlich benenne: sie ist bezaubernd!


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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