Very long Hair in September - 108 cm

Hello Lovelies!

Back this month with a monthly hair length update. My hair is now about 108 cm! I did neglect my hair a little and have curled it too often with heatless waves - so my hair is very very dry at the moment. This month you see a good natural hair state - after rain, uncombed curls with too little coconut oil! I am trying to pamper my hair and have been using coconut oil several times a day because of the dryness. If I can't get a hold of it I might need to cut a little or a little more. We will see :) Thanks for all your support on my FB page! 


  1. You could try to add moisture to your hair instead of just using emollients (oils). Maybe your hair likes glycerine or aloe Vera juice/gel or flax seed.gel? Add these to a masque or make a rinse ;-) Oils may not suffice here, since they don't moisturise hair directly. What works best for me is applying glycerine, then oil, washing it off after a few hours and applying a rich masque. I have moisture in my hair and it's locked in there by emollients :-)

  2. I love your hair wish I had the same

  3. Hey. Hast du mal eine Avocado Kur ausprobiert? Also einfach eine frische Acocado von der Schale befreien, zermatschen und je nach Wunsch noch ein bisschen Honig (so mache ich es immer) Joghurt, aloevera Gel o.ä. Rein, den Brei auf die feuchten Haare verteilen, einwirken lassen, auswaschen. Avocados enthalten ja sehr viel Öl und diese Kur ist Super Super pflegend und feichtigkeitsspenden. Obwohl meine Haare auch ziemlich trocken sind, sind sie nach dieser Kur erstmal überfliegt...

    LG Melanie

  4. Hello! Your hair is definitively beautifuuuul and with the autumn light, it is so perfect! I think Henrietta is right. When mine is too dry, I use a mix of eggs / avocado / yoghourt. This brings shine and smooth to my hair. Like honey too. But, strangely enough, my hair does not like aloe vera...


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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