DIY: Herbal Hair Rinse Recipe

Hello Lovelies!

Herbal hair rinses are a fantastic way to take care of your scalp health and add beneficial shine and colour boosts. My favourite rinse is the mint rinse - it refreshes my scalp and leaves my hair very shiny. Creating your own hair rinse is super easy, affordable and a very nice and relaxing ritual that iIlike to do every sunday. Ladies - if you do not pamper yourself trust me - no one will ;) Plus you feel like a little gypsy witch working on your herbal secrets , haha. Preparing every rinse is easy and I use the same method all the time only the herbs I use differ depending on my mood.

How to Prepare your Rinse

- If possible try to use fresh herbs. Wash as needed and remove roots if necessary and boil with 1 l of hot water - cover the top so that the essential oils can not escape too easily.
- Let it sit and cool down to room temperature for a while.
- I like to add one tablespoon of raw organic honey to add shine to my hair.
- As well as 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for increased shine and less knots. Balanced the ph of your scalp as well.
- Lately I have been adding 2/3 drops of my favourite essential oil (bloodorange at the moment!) as well for a nice smell! 

Just wash and condition your hair as you would do normally and then at the end pour your herbal hair rinse over your head and let it sit for 2 minutes. Rinsing the herbal hair rinse out is optional sometimes I do sometimes I don't :o) . 

Herbs you can use

  • Hibiskus:  Red Heads like me anywhere? - use hibiskus tea for intensified red streaks! 
  • Black Tea:  Great for brunettes and black haired beauties! Gives additional colour shine but might dry out hair of used for a very long time because black tea has like henna astringent effects. 
  • Chamomile: Boosts up your blonde hair and is antiseptic if you have scalp issues or sensitive skin. 
  • Cat Nip: Shine booster and makes your hair incredible soft and fluffy. I don't know how this works but it does work like a charm. Plus your cats will love your hair too ^^ 
  • Mint: Refreshes and balances an oily scalp. You can combine Rosemary as well for a wonderful fresh and vitalising scent!
  • Ginger: Adds shine and lets your scalp tingle in a wonderful fresh way! Helps with oily hair. 

These are my personal recommendations that I have used and liked so far. Your possibilities are endless I do think a lavender rinse would be a great idea as well - I still have to try this one out yet. I would love to hear your experience and recipes if you love herbal rinses like I do!

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  1. I usually use Brennesseltee and add lavender or peppermint oil for scent - it is supposed to help against dandruff and an irritated scalp and I'm quite happy with it :)


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