DIY : Khadi Shikakai Deep Conditioner with Henna and Sheabutter

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Hello Lovelies! 
I hope you all had a blessed week and enjoyed the snow, build a snow man or watched a lovely movie! We just had the most wonderful snowy weekend! Comes snow comes dry hair for me though haha. I have not incorporated Shikakai in my weekly deep conditioning treatments yet so I came up with this simple and wonderful recipe that I want to share with you guys! You can switch up the ingredients to your usual liking as always. 

About Shikakai:
  • Acacia concinna is the name of the plant and grows in central and south india.
  • the fruit is named shikakai and one of the ajurvedic plants.
  • it does not lather but still cleanses, has a low ph which is great!
  • it is a natural conditioner and detangler
  • has anti-dandruff benefits
If you have never worked with Henna or Shikakai I want to give you a little heads up first : 
- this might get messy. Do it on your free weekend when you are not in a hurry and in nobodies way
-secondly you might want to do it when your significant other is not around ^^ Most men don't get it why we put a muddy mass on our hair. Of course they do not have to know that we do not wake up looking like we do. Let's keep the illusion and magic :o) 

So here we go,

Shikakai - Sheabutter and Henna Treatment

Note: I used colourless ''Henna" which is basically not Henna but Cassia. If you have black hair you can use ''black henna'' = indigo or simple red henna for a slight red colour tint. If you have super light hair you might want to skip the henna part altogether. 

  • 3 tablespoons of shikakai powder
  • 2 tablespoons of cassia powder
  • 1 tablespoon of sheabutter
  • 50 ml hot boiling water
Mix until it has a smooth texture just like yoghurt, let it cool down to room temperature and apply especially to your ends and dry spots on damp hair. Rinse after 15 min. 

Et voila - lots of volume, shine and thanks to sheabutter smoother hair!

Where to get shikakai? Have a look at Khadi's website. You can order sheabutter at behave, which is a great online resource for oils and butters and essential oils as well as herbal extracts. As for henna, indigo, cassia - check your local health food store or oriental shop for very affordable good quality henna (turkish, indian or arabic). Try to not buy anything with picramate in it.

Shikakai natural hair care recipe for very long hair! 

What do you think about alma and shikakai? Messy or worth the hassle? I love the indian cleaning herbs so much!


  1. Hello! I have to say that I like your blog very much. I've used henna mixed with amla and indigo since april and my hair hasn't been in better shape ever! I love the shine. I usually use shikakai as a conditioner and I love the results, definitely it's worth the mess.

    1. Yes definitely! I was so surprised how smooth the shikakai made my hair! Very contrary to alma which basically just thickened my hair up. It is a little messy but I got used to it from my henna days!

  2. Hello, I just started reading your blog an read almost all your old posts, too.
    I love your hair, especially the henna colours ;-)
    A completely unrelated question - do you ever have spliss? If I do S&D, spliss will come back in two weeks, now I'm wondering whether I should always remove the spliss or wait a little longer when it only starts art the last 5mm (as long as it does not wander upward)?

    1. Hello Myra! I am so happy you like my blog! I very rarely have spliss but that is just because I trimm regularly. I noticed that when I start to neglect my hair my split ends are coming back e.g. not brushing carefully etc. Is there any damage that might reoccur after you trimm? If it never wanders upward you might be safe but on the downside your hair might stop growing because the split ends are breaking off with time. love zoey!


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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