Empties : December

Empties December - still on the quest of perfect natural foundation

Hello Lovelies,

1.Balea Professional Brown Shampoo 1-2 Euro, 200 ml
A good solid shampoo that lathers up very well and smells heavenly like caramel. It is enriched with brown pigments and gives your hair an insanely shine boost! It was gentle on my scalp and did not cause dandruff or irritation. It cleans so thoroughly that I only needed to wash my hair every 5-6 days instead of 3 days. It contains no silicones but some peg derivates that smooth your hair and might dry out your hair if used for a long time. I like to switch it up every now and then.
Repurchase? At the moment no but in a while sure!

2.Alverde Glanz Spuelung 2-3 Euro 200 ml
The Alverde Shine Conditioner is a staple in my hair care as well as in many other natural beauty bloggers, Bobby uses it forever now and especially to shave her legs! It smells very nice and sweet like oranges and banana and gives my hair a nice shine. It is not too good in detangling but that is normal for a silicone free conditioner.
Repurchase? Yes. 

3.Isana Med Urea 5% 2 Euro 250 ml
This is a new shower gel that I tried out. I recently got psoriasis after a very very stressful exam period. Happily my elbow patches are gone now and that is due to the Isana Urea Series. I am using their body lotion with 10% Urea as well and also their face cream duo. It you have cracked dry itchy atopic skin I can highly recommend this brand. If you live in a corner of the world where Isana med is not available you can buy the Eucerin product series - Isana is just a low budget version of these. I have used Eucerin in the past and the priciest are very good - available at most pharmacies and well a little pricier of course. By the way a similar series does exist at DM - but I have to say their products are not rich enough for my dry skin.
Repurchase? Yes

4. Alverde Cream to Powder Make Up in 01 3-4 Euro
This version got discontinued! It was my favourite foundation because it was rich enough for my skin and light enough for my skin tone! I am a NC05 measured by MAC and this means most foundations don't work for me because of the colour. My alternative is just at the left corner :
Repurchase? Discontinued :(

5. Alverde Mineral illuminating Foundation Stick in 01 Naturelle
This foundation stick is my new substitute. It covers up nicely, is very creamy and oily which is great for my skin. The coverage is really good and I get a wear of 6 hours with it. The only downside is the funky fragrance they used - really weird and sweet. At first I thought my product might have gone bad! The second downside is the colour it does not match my skin tone and is a little too dark for me sadly. Also I have to say that I used it up pretty quickly I think it did not last more than 3 weeks which is a bit quick in my opinion!
Repurchase? Yes If I don't find a lighter coloured product.

Since I am still on the quest of a good foundation for very fair and dry skin I would be very happy to hear your recommendations!


  1. Have you tried making your own make up products? Mineral ones, that is. In Poland we have an on-line shop which provides the bases and the pigments. Making your own powder/foundation is super easy, you get whatever you want in there (no allergens etc.) and the price is more or less the price of a drugstore foundation. About 30 PLN which is less than 10 dollars ;)

    Here's a link to the shop,


    I haven't used their semi-products as I don't wear foundation, but I often shop at kolorowka's sister-shop, zrobsobiekrem (which can be translated as make yourself a cream). They have all you need to make your own shampoo, conditioner, shower gel... But the base products are just a fraction of all that's awesome there. The best things are humectants, proteins, oils, active ingredients... Heaven :) And it's all really simple to use.

    1. Hello Henrietta! Thanks for the link i will check out the shop for sure! I have not tried to make my own mineral foundation so far. If I do not find a good solution I will look into that for sure too! I have been using the shop www.behawe.com for oils, and basic hair and skin care ingredients in the past and was happy with them as well. lots of love, zoey!

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  3. Hello Zoey,

    Have you ever tried Alverde Nutri-Care Almond and argan hair conditioner? I have had amazing results with the one you're describing but this one makes my hair so terribly tangled. What the hell is in it?? Also can you please tell me if glossy brown shampoo contains SLS?

    Thank you for your response :)


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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