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Hello Lovelies!

Today's topic is Throwback Thursday! Oh so important and famous since Instagram and the Facebook age! A lot of people are very surprised that my hair was not always so very long. In fact in the past my hair was mostly a little past my shoulders. The shortest my hair has ever been was until my ears. I am glad I do not have photo proof of that! 
As a little kid my hair cut was a very short bob with a full fringe. Until primary school my hair was very thick, silky and golden blonde and pin straight! It started to become curly when I was in high school. During high (16 yrs) school I had my hair mostly layered and a little past my shoulders. My natural colour was always a coppery brown tone as seen above in the picture! The blond streaks are not natural but the start of my blonde period ^^ Like every other girl that time I would get blonde highlights once a month until my hair was all bleached blonde, super dry and damaged. But we learn these things just after we passed the high school period. When I look at the picture I do miss my big curly hair a lot! With the length I have now and no layeres my hair never curls as much now sadly.. 

From the blonde period (18 yrs) I only have very few and very bad quality pictures... But I think you get the picture of me with my strawy bleached hair! I am so glad I learned so much about hair care now! But even with the very bad quality pics I can tell how much the light blonde colour washed me out for sure! 

I am excited so check the girls blogspost, Heike, Nixenhaar, Wuscheline, Lenja and Nessa  
Our next topic will be the french winless hair do and online at the 15th of February!

I would love to hear about your hair crimes! What did you do in the past? ^^

BTW - did read about my hair journey yet? Click here for a full overview! 

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