Sunny Sunday's Favourites: Cheer Up & Pamper Yourself

Sometimes when everything feels like too much, I like to read some inspirational quotes and instantly feel happier and more positive! It is normal that everyone feels down from time to time, but we can do everything we put our mind into :) Don't forget to take care of yourself - if you don't do it nobody will. Some of my favourite self-pampering idea's :

  • Buy yourself a pretty candle! I love scented candles, they come in different fragrances and will transform you to a lovely place depending on the scent! My favourites are Glade at the moment - they have some nice Zen Fragrances lately. 
  • Take care of your hair :) One of my favourites is just putting together a nice hair mask and watching my favourite TV series. Click on the Care section for recipes.
  • Treat yourself with a great home Spa manicure! I like to do it at the weekends, soak your hands in warm water, apply cuticle and nail oil and hand cream, clip or file your nails and buff or apply nailpolish by first doing a base coat, then your favourite colour, and a top coat. Voila - home beauty! If you have never done this before you can check out this girls Tutorial on Youtube.
  • Buy some lovely scented body lotion - even if you are on a budget like I am, you can try some nice finds at DM, my favourite is the Coconutmilk and Jasmin Fragance Bodylotion by Dove at the moment. You can also put a little wishlist for your birthday or special occasion for a great natural cosmetic bodylotion like Dr. Hauschka's.  My favourite is the cherry blossom line by bath and body works , it is sadly only available in Canada, but I get it as a gift from time to time :)
  • Relax with a good book! I finished the Game of Throne's books not long time ago and am currently looking for a new book. Any suggestions? It is wonderful to curl up with a great book and drink some tea on the couch. 

  • Work out! Even if you are busy, there is always some time for yourself and your health. Try visiting a pilates class, buy a DVD for a home workout. My favourite is Barbara Becker's Pilates Class! Try to go for a walk or run and don't forget your favourite music to keep you going. 

  • Spend time with your family. Go for a coffee with your mum, spend quality time with your brother or meet with your girlfriends at home for a cooking session. Your social network will be there for you when you are down. We laugh 5 times more often when we are surrounded with friends and family :)

Do you have self-pampering ideas? What do you do if you feel down?
Love, Louisa <3

Source: etsy.com via Louisa on Pinterest

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  1. Oh, der erste Qutoe ist so schön gemacht, den muss ich dir "klauen" (wird zurück verlinkt).
    Ich würd sonst noch zu deiner Liste eine Runde Badewanne hinzufügen. So lange bis man schrumplig ist. Am besten in Kombination mit einem guten Buch und einer Tasse Tee.




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