Flechtwerk: Sleeping Beauty

Hello Lovelies!
If your hair is very long or on the way to getting really long you will want to protect it all the time. Sooner or later you will want to find a way to sleep well, comfortable and hair/friendly. I have three options for you that will help your hair staying smooth and untangled.

Get a night time routine!
The same as a skin care routine you should develop a nightime routine for your hair. It will safe you lots of time in the morning and protect your hair from damage.

Here you can see my nightime routine:
  • Comb your hair with a hair friendly comb. I use a horn comb with wide teeth.
  • Use a few drops of oil on your hair ends. I love a good hair serum like ilikegreen from Aubrey Organics. You can also use a rich hair butter, recipe here.
  • Then I spray my hair length with a little rose-water leave in. Recipe here. It helps the oil to get absorbed and my natural curls like moisture a lot!
  • Braid your hair to keep it from tangling and knotting at night. Plus you will wake up with nice braid waves.
How to protect your hair at night:
Now there are three ways to protect your hair from the friction of your cotton pillow.
  1. Use a silk pillow case. It will help your hair stay smooth and it really nice on your skin as well. use 100% silk if you can. 
  2. Sleep with an english braid.
  3. Use a silk sleep cap. 
I personally either sleep with my hair in an english braid or in a silk cap. It depends if my hair is a little wet from the hair wash before, because I always wash it at night and let it dry overnight. My cap is from honey fig and it is 100% silk in the colour ivory/champagne. It is very roomy & comfy and it only looks slightly silly :) I do braid my hair before I wear it but you can also keep your hair loose if you want. Keep in mind that you should wash silk hair wear as delicate hand wash.

You will notice a big difference! If your hair is curly it will love the braid! I personally can not sleep with a bun because I get neck pain and there is always some very uncomfortable pressure on my head no matter what sleeping position I am in. You can order silk pillowcases and sleep caps at honey fig.
They have tons of colour options and the quality is great! I have mine for a few years now and it is still in excellent condition. Get a hot pink one :D or stay with a more natural colour like brown, black or ivory. I got mine from their shop in Toronto during my stay there but they do ship internationally if you ask per e/mail previous to your order. Here you can read my little experience with sleeping caps (sorry only in German!)

I am excited what the girls do at night with their hair, let's have a look at Heike, Nessa, Bobby,  Wuscheline and Lenja !

Our next post will be online March 15th :)

Love, Zoey!

3 Kommentare:

  1. Da muss ich dich doch jetzt gleich mal fragen wie du den Zopf unter der Haube drapierst, wenn du sagst mit Dutt kannst du nicht schlafen? Wie liegst du denn Nachts, denn deine Haube sieht ja doch ziemlich "dick" aus, wenn du weißt was ich meine. Auf dem Rücken liegen geht damit vermutlich garnicht? Stört es nicht auch beim seitlichen liegen?

    1. Huhu Nessa! Ich lege ihn nur ganz locker dort hinein, unten ist ein Gummizug, der hält das Ganze dann. dadurch das er quasi wie eine dicke Kleien Haarkobra drin liegt und nicht festgepinnt ist kann man auch auf dem Hinterkopf liegen, er rollt sich dann zur Seite. So stört es eigentlich nicht egal ob man seitlich oder auf dem Rücken schläft, man muss ab und an die Haube "auflockern" dann legt sich der Zopf so wie er will. lg! :*

  2. Das mit den Seidenbezügen ist eine super Idee! Danke dafür!
    Ich schlafe abends am liebsten mit 2 Flechtzöpfen, ich liebe die Wellen am nächsten Tag :-).
    Mit Schlafdutts kann ich wenig anfangen, da sich der Dutt über Nacht entweder auflöst oder er mich so stört, dass ich nicht einschlafen kann :/




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