Toxic Thursday: Aluminium & Deodorants

Another post in our new toxic category! I hope I can help you open up your eyes a litte. Aluminium is a metal that has absolutely no place in our organic chemistry and is not part of our metabolism. It is used in shockingly high amounts in your favourite deodorants as well as skin powder and acid blocker (maloxaan) against gastric reflux. I am not sure if you have watched the ad about a deodorant that is only used once in 5 days. I think the question how this substance can be healthy is one that will pop up in everybody's mind.

Now you can ask yourself if you really want aluminium near your lymphatic main nodes which happen to be right under your armpits where you apply your deodorant. The biggest lymphatic path node is also called sentinel lymph node is right there and gets removed during breast surgery e.g.  There is no clear correlation between aluminium and cancer but it has been found in mamma carcinoma cells. I think this is enough to be careful and try to avoid it. It is also associated with dementia and food allergies.

There is a really good documentary called "The age of aluminium" by Bert Ehgartner about aluminium and it's health hazards. You can watch the trailer above and I really recommend watching the whole documentary. Please keep in mind that none of these findings have been proven facts yet - but I think it will be only a matter of time until we can be sure of the effect aluminium has on our organic structure. 

Deodorant Alternatives:

You don't need to be smelly, don't worry there are good alternatives in your local drug store.
As well as all Alverde and Alterra Products. I am using the Nivea Natural fresh one and the Sebamed Roll on. The effect is not as safe as my Rexona Deo Stick that I have been using for over 12 years! but to know that I will not toxify my body with unnecessary aluminium is worth the change.

How are your experiences with Aluminium free deodorants? Please check your spray or bottle and think about using it after you have read a little about Aluminium. 

Love, Zoey :)


Because my reader's are simply the best I have some additional suggestions for aluminium free deodorants. Here we go:

One of my reader's makes her own deodorant cream! Maybe we will have a guest post about her recipe since I have no experience in making my own deo. Or maybe I should read into that as well :) 


  1. I make my own deodorant cream. It works fabulous and is 100% toxine free. :)

    1. Hello Feenfluegel!
      I have heard about this and I am really curious - what are your main ingredients? :) Love, Zoey

  2. another alu-free deodorant is CD waterlilly roll-on. Smells good & works !

    1. Thank you Lyth, I will maybe try the CD Version the next time :) Sound very good!

  3. Liebe Zoey, dankedankedanke für diesen Beitrag! Es ist erschreckend, was alles in unseren Kosmetikprodukten drin ist, wovon die meisten Menschen keine Ahnung haben!! Ich selbst habe von Aluminium im Deo vor ein paar Monaten das erste Mal gehört und stelle seitdem selbst Deo her. Geht ganz einfach mit Kokosöl, Aloe Vera Saft, Natron und Mondamin (hält sich im Kühlschrank ca. einen Monat). Das funktioniert super, hält bei mir sogar länger als die "normalen" Deos! :)

    1. Hallo liebe Sophie, hast du Lust dein Rezept als Gastbeitrag auf meinem Blog zu veröffentlichen? Ich glaube es herrscht schon reges Interesse an diesem Thema ich würde mich freuen :) Schreib mir bei FB eine Nachricht falls du Lust dazu hast. Liebste Grüße! :)

  4. Toller Artikel! Die Doku fand ich auch sehr beeindruckend/schockierend. Was ich auch noch an Deodorant empfehlen kann ist der Speick Deostick, mit dem komme ich persönlich super zurecht.
    LG Jule

    1. Hallo Jule, ich fand die Doku auch wirklich Augen öffnend - davor habe ich absolut nicht gewusst was alles für fiese Inhaltsstoffe in meinem herkömmlichen Deo sind! Den Speck Stick werde ich mir auch merken. Liebste Grüße!

  5. In English for a change ;)
    I absolutely adore the Wolkenseifen Deocremes...there is a internet hype going on in the last couple months and I have to say they deserve it. The ingredients are great, they do a great job at preventing smell (better than every deodorant with aluminium [-salt?] I know and waaay better than organic spray deo with alum or alcohol) and the scents are just wonderful.

    If you prefer more natural scents there are many small manufactures who produce Deocreme as well, like Waldfussel or Calani. I found them less effective, but there are many positive review online...everybody is different ;)

    The usage is quite different than spray or sticks, but it's simple and you get used to it very quickly. Besides it's absolutely worth it :)

    1. Hello Kim!
      I have heard about Wolkenseifen Deocremes as well but never tested any. I am happy they work well sadly it can be a problem to have a deo that really works. Do you use them like an ordinary cream? :) Love, Zoey

    2. They are based on similar ingredients as the deo recipe above: sheabutter, natron, coconutoil are the main ingredients, so they don't prevent sweating, but the smell. (Did you mean that by problem?)

      The consistency is a bit grainy because not all ingredients dissolve entirely...I rub a little (just a fingertip) between my fingers so it softens a bit and then apply it. I often use lotion before so the Deocreme spreads easier.

      Hope this helps :)

  6. Dear Louisa,

    I'm a great fan of your hair and a regular reader of your blog. I appreciate your knowledge and tips a lot. I'm also very drawn to natural cosmetics and love to try new sustainable products. Some time back I also watched the documentary of Bert Ehgartner and was shocked as you. But later I got the feeling that he was trying to manipulate opinions in a very subtle way and tried to find out more. After some research, I found out, that there is not enough scientific evidence of his hypotheses, but still he was trying to portray it like there was. The single cases that he portrays do not meet a scientific standard. He is a journalist and has other interests I guess, he also didn't interview any scientist as far as I remember. But the documentary gives you the impression that he was talking to experts. What I don't like is the way of panicmongering when there is no sufficient research to tell anything like that. I'm sure there has to be done some more research, before spreading strong opinions like Ehgartner. In the following link you find a critical statement about the documentary in German. The second link gives information about the concentration of aluminium in our food. They found higher concentrations in products with cocoa or apple juice to mention two. So if anybody really wants to avoid then this would be an interesting list, I guess. I hope you don't feel offended by my first entry, I really don't mean to. I just wanted to give an input, which could, maybe, be of help in the jungle of potential dangers. Sending you warm regards from Austria, your fan Lotosteich from Langhaarnetzwerk.




I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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