Toxic Thursday: Vegucated and educated?

I know a lot of you have watched food-inc as well and were shocked afterwards. I have recently watched the Vegucated documentary and it absolutely changed my whole point of view. I think it is so sad that we don't know what is really happening with our food and the animals we love. Even organic food is no exception here. This was something that I learned from this documentary. I can relate very easily to the 5 New-Yorker that are trying to live vegan for a couple of weeks and thoroughly investigate a little about what the industry is hiding from us and what we consciously do not want to see.

Is it normal that meat is more expensive than a vegetable? Do I want to eat a chicken that has it's beak hacked of, has no space to move or see the day-light and is full of antibiotics? A few of you may know, during medical school we have to work with corpses and because I have been for a long time in the O.R. and surgery department I stopped eating meat a while ago. Now the more I learn about it the harder is gets to think neutral about meat any more. I am vegetarian and not vegan but I totally get the point of people who are doing it all the way. I do love organic hair & body care and I think we all should try to see a little more than we know now. We get poised day by day and we are not even aware of it. Let's try to change our little world step by step :)

How do you think about the meat topic? Are you vegan and is it difficult to maintain this lifestyle in your daily life?

Love, Zoey-Louisa. 


  1. Hey Zoey!
    In English here, because you cling to English on your blog. :) I have my highest respect of the vegan lifestyle. For me it it seems to be impossible. Even reducing meat is quite hard for me. Without dairy is easy for me and I am happy to have a source of eggs from "free" chicken, but the meat stays a problem. I lived one year as a vegetarian and was really weakend afterwards (but then I hadn't the knowledge aobut food ai have now). It felt really like being beaten. I know of the toxins but it seems as if my body lives better even with the toxins and with meat than without the toxins but also without meat. I hope that I can reduce meat again, when my belly troubles are over. But at the moment it is impossible to reduce. It is simply that I stay hungry, my skin gets worse and the healing process slows remarkably down.
    For all other readers: don't take me as an example as I have no healthy digestion. I am absolutely shure that most people could live a much healthier life if they turn to a more vegetablebased diet.
    Thank's for sharing the film. I will watch it this weekend.

  2. Oh great, I love that you only write in English now. I miss speaking and writing in English so much (spend a year abroad). Thus I gladly post my comment in English ;-)

    I live vegan now for quite a while and it is not difficult maintaining my life- (and love)style. Eating out is not always that easy, because I not only abstain from animal products and byproducts, I also don't eat any industrial sugar and gluten.

    I am so very happy about every single person that makes this connection between meat and the way it is produced and acts according to this knowledge.
    This tendency is especially now always increasing, people think more about what they eat. The increasing number of conscious eater can really change something in the assortment of super markets, discounters and restaurants.
    Great way to go!


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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