Ficcare: Snow White & Rose Red

Hello Lovelies,
Another hair jewellery post :p Cultmate got my reserved hair clips from over 6 months ago! The silky is a bright warm red with champagne coloured metal and the honey marble colour is an absolute classic clip that goes well with all hair colours and clothes. Sorry for the really bad picture quality, it gets dark so quickly and daylight vanishes almost everyday before I can come home from my long days at work. Did you get any of the new clips? I still have not tried the acetate versions. I am waiting impatiently for a silky green clip as well, I will keep you updated :D The red looks really nice with black and white clothes and gives you a really happy bright red dot. I was not too sure if the red would match my orange tones auburn, but now I think it looks ok. Silky orange might be better though!

Silky Red Maxima Ficcare

Ficcare Honey Marble Maxima

Love, Zoey.

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  1. Rot passt sooooo gut in Deine Haare!
    Das fand ich bei der Red Heart GT schon, aber jetzt auch noch die schöne Silky: Wundervoll!


I am happy about every single comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love, Zoey.


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